Formerly Incarcerated Black Entrepreneur Launches New Company Called 2nd Chance Fitness

Formerly Incarcerated Black Entrepreneur Launches New Company Called 2nd Chance Fitness

Meet Secoy Reeves, a 33-year old ex-marine who was formerly incarcerated, but is now the founder of 2nd Chance Fitness, a personal fitness company that specializes in weight management, muscle gain and overall health and wellbeing in and around the greater Nashville, Tenn. metropolitan area.

Reeves served two years in state prison for drugs and weapons charges but is now using the second chance he has been given to pursue entrepreneurship.

Reeves comments, “Fitness is a lifestyle for me because it allows me to push myself further every day, which in turn allows me to continually grow mentally stronger. I love to see when people decide to make changes in their life and stick with them, just as I have done. It is a beautiful thing to see people reach their goals and give me the privilege to assist in doing so.”

His company, 2nd Chance Fitness, embraces support, accountability, education, and a customized approach to make it easier for his clients to reach their personal health and fitness goals. Even more, his company is certified by the International Sports Sciences Association (ISSA).

Recognizing the busy lives that most people have, his company has recently introduced updates to make the programs more accessible. In addition to early morning and evening in-person training, an online personal fitness program has also been launched that provides greater flexibility.

“We’ve all made excuses before when it comes to exercise. It’s nothing to feel bad about. We do all have busy lives, and the pandemic did throw everyone’s routine out of whack,” Reeves adds.

“But, spring and summer are just around the corner, and now is a perfect time to get the ball rolling again.”

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