Fitness Drive In School, A Big Hit | Kochi News – Times of India

Fitness Drive In School, A Big Hit | Kochi News – Times of India

Kochi: The ‘fitness challenge’ launched by the student police cadets (SPCs) of Ramamangalam High School in Ernakulam has become a success as the campaign completed 100 days.
The project was launched to ensure that the students are physically fit amid the pandemic when they were confined to their houses.
Though the school has reopened and students are back to physical classes, the campaign is ongoing. The school authorities are planning to expand it to neighbouring schools.
The project urges students to do various exercises every morning under the supervision of physical education teacher of the school Shyji Jacob.
He posts videos of the workout students have to do each day in the WhatsApp group. The project urges students to wake up early and do the exercise between 4am and 6am. In order to ensure that the students do it, they are asked to post videos and photos of the workout in the WhatsApp group.
“Lack of sport activities amid the pandemic was the main reason for the launch of the project. We take feedbacks from students constantly and teachers make sure that the exercises are done correctly,” said Anoob John, community police officer at the school,
Though the campaign was initially launched for only SPC cadets, later other students too started taking part in it.
Besides students, teachers and their family members also started doing the exercises.

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