Finding fitness: Trampolining

Finding fitness: Trampolining

In times where all you want to do is sit on the couch or on your bed and eat chips, finding fun ways to work out is exactly what everyone needs in order to stay in shape while also doing all the things you love. It might just be something as simple as walking your dog or jumping on your trampoline. According to, jumping on your trampoline for just 20 minutes will give you a complete full body workout that burns the same number of calories as running for 20 minutes at six miles per hour. Something you can also do is work out and watch Netflix from the comfort of your living room, so why wouldn’t you do both? You’re killing two birds with one stone.?? 

According to a study done in October 2016 by the American Council on Exercise, there are multiple health benefits to jumping on a trampoline, including better core strength and improved bone strength. Trampolining is a vigorous aerobic workout, which means that it increases the rate at which your heart pumps blood, and therefore oxygen, around your body. This strengthens the muscles of your cardiovascular system, and the boost in oxygen levels will make you feel more alert. 

There are a few different exercises that can be done on a trampoline in order to maximize core strength as well as target different muscle groups in your body. The first exercise you can do would be jumping jacks, and while you can do these on the ground, doing jumping jacks on a trampoline engages your core more and helps target leg muscle groups quicker, according to Another exercise you can do is jogging in place which is a great source of cardio and can boost the oxygen levels in your body 

If jumping isn’t really your thing, there are other workouts that you can do on the trampoline that are equally good for you and your health. Some of these workouts include squats, sumo squats, leg curls and elevated push-ups. One of the craziest workouts that you can do on a mini trampoline is ab crutches. To do this, you would lie on your back with your back in the middle of the trampoline and the rest of your body at a 90-degree angle with the floor. Then, you would do crunches like one normally would.? 

This is a great way to burn fat and get a fun work out in, so be sure to try it out next time you’re on a trampoline and remember that 60 minutes a day keeps you healthy. 

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