Home CBD EthicaCBD unveils new CBD Sports Gel for athletes

EthicaCBD unveils new CBD Sports Gel for athletes

EthicaCBD unveils new CBD Sports Gel for athletes


According to the Cornwall, UK-based company, the topical gel is a fast-acting, innovative formula that aims to provide natural relief for those looking for new recovery solutions. It claims the product “has the potential to ease injured joints and soothe tired muscles?”.

A blend of ingredients

CBD Sports Gel contains a combination of CBD and Cannabigerol (CBG) because EthicaCBD believes the two are renowned for being more beneficial when used together than separately and that CBG consumers consider it the ‘go-to’ for muscle soreness and joint pain relief.

CBG is a cannabinoid from the cannabis plant which is less common than CBD. Although it is believed to combat pain and have therapeutic properties, more research needs to be done in the area as scientists continue to explore its potential.

Ruarri Spurgeon, founder of EthicaCBD, says: “We are extremely proud of this plant-based topical sports gel and its unique blend of ingredients?.

The introduction of our sports gel once again showcases our unerring commitment to delivering the highest quality CBD products.?

“Our ground-breaking formulation offers deep, natural relief to sports people and athletes looking to be their natural best. By using our cooling, soothing restorative sports gel after your workout we promise you’ll feel the difference?.”

The sports gel, which includes a blend of natural plant extracts, was in development for almost a year before its introduction.

Pain relief

The product uses ergogenic menthol and camphor to create a cooling effect. Known for its pain-relieving properties, camphor is able to provide instant relief when it is absorbed topically through the skin.


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