Check out HempNANO for your next CBD-infused brew

Check out HempNANO for your next CBD-infused brew

If you’re looking to add CBD to an upcoming batch, HempRise, one of the biggest hemp processing facilities in the U.S., has introduced HempNANO to help you do just that. Processed to be a more long-lasting and versatile CBD option, HempNANO contains 5% CBD formulated with plant-based and non-artificial ingredients. It is ideal as an independent beverage ingredient since it is not sensitive to dilution or changes in temperature and pH.

“The beauty of nanoemulsion is that it can help the beverage industry live up to the promise of CBD, which is already selling out for those who have figured out how to properly formulate with it,” said Dr. Zheng Yang, General Manager of HempRise. “HempNANO means beverage makers can have a product that lives up to its label while also providing the superior CBD beverage customers will pay for.”

The key to a homogenous CBD beverage is through either nanoemulsion or encapsulation, which breaks CBD oil into small droplets and keeps them suspended evenly throughout the beverage. With this nanoemulsion process, the CBD is broken down mechanically by high shear force, then stabilized with emulsifiers, resulting in much better product consistency, stability, and longer product shelf-life. When observed, liquids resulting from macroemulsion are usually cloudy, while nanoemulsions are mostly translucent or transparent under certain conditions.

Additionally, concentrated nanoemulsions like HempNANO have a shelf-life of at least one year, longer when diluted in a beverage. CBD oils do not generally mix as well, especially if expected to do so for the duration of a beverage’s shelf life. With one of the largest hemp processing facilities in the U.S., HempRise dries and extracts both CBD oil and water soluble products like HempNANO, available in both 1 and 5 kg quantities. The company’s CBD and hemp extracts are ideal for use in nutraceutical, personal care, food, beverage, and pet supplements.

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