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CBD shop recognized by chamber | Plant City Observer

CBD shop recognized by chamber | Plant City Observer


Tim Bosko is the owner of the Your CBD Store in Plant City. The establishment was named as the Small Business of the Month in March, by the Greater Plant City Chamber of Commerce.

Your CBD Store in Plant City has gained recognition for products

In dealing with the aches and pains that take a toll on the body, many have turned to Your CBD Store, which offers hemp as an alternative remedy.

Its consistent clientele base has brought it more recognition, and now it has earned the title of Small Business of the Month for March from the Greater Plant City Chamber of Commerce.

The hemp plant falls under the umbrella of cannabis, just like marijuana does. It is widely used as a holistic treatment for various ailments.

Both the hemp and marijuana plants contain the compounds delt-9 tetrahydrocannabinol, commonly known as THC, and cannabidiol (CBD).

Marijuana contains a high level of THC and a low level of CBD, while hemp contains a high level of CBD and a low level of THC.

THC causes an individual to experience a high. This has put a negative stigma on marijuana, so much so, that it remains illegal on the federal level.

However, certain states have relaxed their laws, allowing its legalization for medicinal use and recreational use as well in some states.

CBD, however, does not produce that same feeling of euphoria, according to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

The 2018 Farm Bill legalized hemp in all 50 states as it was no longer defined as a controlled substance.

Tim Bosko is the owner of the Your CBD Store branch in Plant City. Since the passage of the law, he and other shop owners who sell hemp products still try to dispel the notion that the plant is illegal.

“There’s a lot of misconceptions out there,” he said. “We find it very important to empower our consumers with transparency, with knowing exactly what they’re getting in the product, where it’s coming from, how it gets there, what it does, and educating them about everything CBD.”

Your CBD Store was first established in Bradenton during 2018.

It was conceptualized by Rachael Quinn who was battling Crohn’s Disease. She credited CBD for helping to regain her health.

With the success of her Bradenton store, she and her husband Marcus started their own name brand products called SunMed.

Since it opened four years ago, Your CBD Store has expanded with branches all throughout the country, including in Plant City.

There is no medical card or medical recommendation needed for hemp products as it is not regulated by the FDA. 

However, there is one caveat – the THC level in the hemp cannot exceed 0.3%.

Labs test how much THC there is and there are processes that can be performed to lower the level.

Full spectrum can extract the substance so there is 0.3% or less in the hemp plant, while broad spectrum extracts THC all together.

In the Your CBD Store, the barcode on any item can be scanned using a phone, which will display not only any THC levels, but also chemicals and minerals that may be found in the product.

The shop’s SunMed name brand products are holistic and therapeutic, relieving stress, anxiety, arthritis, headaches, burns, bites, insomnia, and inflammation, Bosko said. 

It offers CBD items in the form of ointments, bath bombs, lotion, cream, gummies, and other candy as well as cartridges for the hemp.

The edibles usually take about half an hour to an hour to take effect, and lasts about six to eight hours, Bosko said.

And some people get creative, using it in salad dressing, dips, smoothies, or tea.

“It’s organic, it’s natural, so there’s a lot of positive benefits to it,” he added. “There’s no caffeine, no sugars, therefore there’s no crash, there’s no upper.”

There are even items for pets such as steak and bacon bites, jerky sticks, and ointments that come in different flavors such as bacon and peanut butter.

While the age range of customers vary, there are certain groups who Bosko sees more of and have become his regulars. 

“It’s usually 60 to 80 for the most part,” he said. “That’s our biggest demographic, but we still do have some from 18 to 40.”

While his Plant City customers have no problem receiving his service, there are others who have condemned him.

“I’ve been kicked out of places, I’ve been cussed at, I’ve been looked at as the devil,” Bosko said. “But it’s helped so many other people when they realize what it is when I educate them about it. That’s my job, to educate them. Let them know that this is not illegal. There’s nothing anti-religious about this.”


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