CBD price per mg trending down, report finds

CBD price per mg trending down, report finds

Leafreport recently released its pricing report?, which included data from more than 3,000 CBD products sold by more than 100 industry-leading brands. The CBD industry’s peer-reviewed watchdog website revealed an astounding 11,142% price difference between the cheapest and most expensive topicals.

“We found it interesting that there are so many expensive products on the market that simply aren’t worth what they’re charging,”? said Gal Shapira, Product Manager at Leafreport, who added that this report was meant to serve as a follow-up to their April 2021 price report. 


Every six months Leafreport analyzes the CBD market by recording the price of each product and dividing it by the milligrams of CBD present in the product to a standardized pricing reference point (i.e. the price in USD per milligram of CBD). 

From there the watchdog analyzes the average for each brand and develops a price index to easily compare brands.

Key points of comparison 

  • Overall CBD prices have decreased, from $0.122 per milligram of CBD to $0.12—a -1.96% decrease since April.
  • CBD isolate is the cheapest, which costs 19% less on average compared with April 2021.
  • The most expensive CBD brand is Kushly, which was also the most expensive brand in April 2021.
  • The most affordable products in the industry overall continue to be from Industrial Hemp Farms.
  • There is a 3,561% gap between the most expensive and least expensive products across the CBD industry, down slightly from 3682% in April.
  • Capsule prices have jumped the most  since April, increasing by 2.55%.
  • The most significant price difference is in the creams and topicals category, which has a 11,142% price gap between the most expensive and the cheapest products. In April 2021, the difference was 4,718%, — a 6,242% jump. 
  • Leafreport added an edibles category and found a 5,100% price difference between the cheapest and most expensive products.

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