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Best Fitness Center in San Antonio: Total Body Training

Best Fitness Center in San Antonio: Total Body Training


Since opening in 2015, Owner Jean Carlos saw a need and filled it – providing fitness for a diverse community in a completely customized way. Given his vision, it’s not surprising that Total Body Fitness earned this year’s Readers’ Choice Award for the Best Fitness Center in San Antonio.

Total Body Fitness provides a true client-centric focus. “We’re not training people and telling them what to do. You’ll never get that negative pushing. Instead, we’re constantly uplifting you while choosing your own fitness goals.”

The goal here is to provide a supportive environment regardless of your goal. Improving mental health, dropping some weight, maintaining your current physique – those are all things you can do at Total Body Fitness and still experience custom fitness programming.

You’re immediately greeted with a relaxed and energized vibe reminiscent of a yoga studio complete with candles and hip-hop music when you walk in. The environment is always the first thing people notice here, but the best thing is Total Body Fitness’s inclusivity.

‘“It’s funny – prior to COVID, we were doing well, but when it hit, it forced me to think on my feet,” Jean says. “It was a moment of trying to decide what to do next. When we reopened, we made a lot of changes to improve the business and focus on a more customized approach.”

Like many businesses, they dealt with COVID and survived to become what this fitness center is today – a place for anyone from any background at any fitness level. If you’re interested in trying them out, you can also expect an upcoming Easter promotion from April 11 through April 23, where you can get up to 40% off select memberships.


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