Best CBD for Sleep for 2022 – Top Rated Product Reviews & Ratings | Kitsap Daily News

Best CBD for Sleep for 2022 – Top Rated Product Reviews & Ratings | Kitsap Daily News

Best CBD Products for Sleep in 2022 Reviewed:

According to the American Sleep Association, up to 70 million Americans suffer from insomnia every year. If you fall within that number, our reviews on the best CBD for sleep might help you.Why should you even bother about sleep enhancing CBD products? There are tens of health, social and economical reasons. If you do not have enough sleep, it will affect the health of your skin since the body cells regenerate when you are sleeping. It can also be the onset of some chronic conditions. Lack of sleep also contributes to poor productivity during the day at work, school or elsewhere. Remember, if you do not enjoy good sleep, your alertness levels drop. Your power to remember things also drops. All these affect your work. Poor sleeping habits can also affect your social habits because you are easily irritable, experience ugly moods all the time and are unhappy.

We could go on and on about the benefits of good sleep. However, no one wants to lose his or her sleep – It just happens.Some medical conditions could also cause sleeplessness. That is why we are here to help you. We bring you information about the best CBD products for sleep.

A quick look at the best CBD products for sleep

Like any other supplements market, even the one for CBD for sleep products is so saturated with thousands of products. If this is your first time buying these products, you can easily get a counterfeit product and lose your money.Right now, the question that could be ringing in your mind is, how does CBD help with sleep?

Well, there are a few ways. However, according to an article on Medical News Today, CBD suppresses the release of the stress hormone called cortisol. Stress affects your sleep patterns and quality.

When the level of the stress hormone goes low, the release of the feel good hormones such as serotonin is enhanced. These hormones help you to sleep easier and longer.That is why people enjoy good sleep after a bout of good sex, because it leads to the release of the feel-good hormones.

The cannabis plant contains compounds called cannabinoids. One of them is THC, which impairs certain functions of the brain. It is responsible for giving people a “high.”

The second, and perhaps the most important compound is called Cannabidiol. This is what the CBD products contain. In this article, whenever you see the abbreviation CBD, just know we are referring to Cannabidiol.CBD can help with many things, but it is mainly known for enhancing sleep, helping with chronic pain and seizures to name but just a few of the issues.

Long story short – Using CBD products in the right dosage does help with sleep. The secret is in finding the best product for you since there are so many of them. These products come in:

  • CBD lotions
  • CBD creams
  • CBD oils
  • CBD gummies (chewable treats)
  • CBD capsules

Keep reading as we review some of these products.

1. Best full spectrum CBD oil for sleep: FabCBD

Fab CBD for Sleep- Full Spectrum

FabCBD has been making CBD products since 2017 in world-class labs. Besides, their products are available in a full range of choices from CBD oils, vape pens, topical creams, and gummies.

All of their products are formulated to enhance life in different ways. In fact, this brand name also makes CBD treats for dogs.

To manufacture their fabulous CBD products, this company uses organic hemp from Colorado. They grow it free of pesticides or any other chemicals. When you are taking this CBD for sleep, be sure you’re consuming it in the purest form possible.

Back to this oil, it is a full spectrum oil. It comes with all the compounds that the hemp plant contains, but the THC is removed. Thus, you can consume this oil without worrying that you will display psychoactive effects.CBD oil from this company can help to alleviate stress, anxiety and it can help in post workout recovery. It comes in the form of oil in a glass bottle, but it should keep safe if you store it in the right way.

With every bottle, there’s a dropper, which has the capacity to hold 1ML of oil. You can fetch and drop the liquid under your tongue where the tissue is lighter and it’ll absorb this product faster. You can also add this CBD oil to a soft beverage and consume it that way.

This oil is available in many flavors including vanilla, berry, mint and citrus. Whether you want to take the oil directly or in a beverage, there are no nasty tastes.

This oil also has a high potency, with 1200 MG of CBD in a 30ML bottle. Thus, you do not need to consume too much of this product to enjoy the benefits.

What other forms can you buy FabCBD?

CBD GummiesThese vegan chews help you to relax and enjoy sound sleep every night. Because of their hard state, they are so easy to carry even when you are traveling.

FabCBD Vape Pens – These come in two varieties of Active and Calm. The Active one contains a compound called Limonene, which makes you more alert and enhances your concentration. The second one has compounds such as nero terpenes and linalool that calm you down.

CreamThis is a cream as its name suggests. It contains 600MG of high quality hemp. To apply it, just dab your finger in the cream and massage it into the desired place, in circular motions.



This oil comes in pleasant flavors Only ships within the USA
Money back guarantee of 30 days
Free shipping on certain orders
Made from non-GMO high quality hemp

Where to Buy Full Spectrum CBD Oil from FabCBD

Buy this full spectrum CBD oil on the official website for $31.20 for every 30ML bottle. For orders starting at $89, you are going to get free shipping in any of the 50 states. This oil comes in strengths of 300MG, 600MG, 1200 and 2400 MG, so the prices will differ accordingly.

2. Best broad spectrum CBD oil for sleep: Sunday Scaries

Sunday Scaries Broad Spectrum CBD for Sleep

In many reviews, Sunday Scaries is hailed as one of the best CBD for sleep. This name came from the Monday Scares that most people experience on Sunday.

To help with this, this company makes three awesome CBD products to help with sleep problems, stress and anxiety. These are:

This is a broad spectrum CBD oil. When a manufacturer of a CBD supplement says their product is full spectrum, what it means is that it contains all the compounds found in hemp. This is almost the same as full spectrum oil.However, any THC is removed completely from the product. You can enjoy nice, relaxed sleep, but there will be no psychoactive effects.

How to use Sunday Scaries CBD oil

One bottle of this oil contains 50 servings. You are supposed to take a third of the dropper with every serving. Each serving contains 10MG of CBD.

It is also recommended that you start slowly and then keep increasing the dose little by little until you find the best dosage for your relief. Even then, you should never exceed the recommended dosage of 1/3 of the dropper per serving.



Contains compounds that enhance mood and sleep It can leave a slight after taste in your mouth
It can offer pain relief
You get discount when you order more bottles
The price is fair

Where to buy Sunday Scaries broad spectrum CBD oil

The best place to buy this CBD for sleep supplement is on the official website . You can buy it in one bottle and it will cost you $49. 2 bottles will cost you $94 and 3 bottles will cost you $133.

For an affordable amount of money, you can get the Clean Remedies Isolate Puck 2000MG of pure CBD. This is an isolate CBD, which means that it does not contain THC, so you will enjoy the full relaxation benefits without feeling too active.

This is one of the purest forms of CBD. You can use it for inflammation, chronic pain, seizures and insomnia. It has the best effect on these conditions.

If you see the term “Isolate” being used together with CBD, you should know that this means the CBD has been isolated from the other naturally-occurring ingredients in the CBD. This means you are getting this particular one in its purest form.

How to use Clean Remedies Isolate Puck

You can use this CBD isolate in a few ways. For instance, some people prefer to smoke it through vaping pipes, which are designed for just such a product.

Some also prefer to use it with edible products and the effect is still the same. You can also eat it as it is, just put it in your mouth and swallow it. This is one of the most effective CBD products in the market!With a potency of 2000MG, well, this is going to give you almost immediate relief from stress, anxiety and even pain.

How does this CBD product work to help you sleep?

The CBD for sleep products do not work in the same way as sleeping pills. The latter knocks you out, you know, one minute you are awake, the next minute you are out completely. This CBD isolate gently eases you to sleep in the most comfortable and natural way. You start feeling drowsy and gradually, you get into deep sleep for hours.

If you have to go to work, you will hear your alarm and wake up without trouble. Even at work, there will be no drowsiness.



Has a natural taste It is costly!
It is pure CBD from organic hemp
High potency with almost immediate effect
It can help with epilepsy

Where to buy this Isolate CBD?

The best place to buy your CBD isolate puck is from the official website . One time purchase is going to cost you $50. This cannabis store is located in Fort Worth in Texas, so if you are from around there, you can check them out.

4. Best overall CBD oil for sleep: FabCBD

buy fabcbd for good sleep

The Fab CBD oil is different from their full spectrum oil, which we reviewed earlier. Unlike the full spectrum oil, which comes with other compounds of hemp, this one comes with just cannabidiols alone.This is high potency oil, so it is recommended for people who need instant relief from stress, insomnia, inflammation pain and others. Every dose that you take contains up to 2400 MG of CBD. It is very important that you do not exceed the recommended dosage quantity.

You can also take this oil to prevent the impact of post workout soreness. However, if you have to take a test in future, stay aware that this oil might cause traces of THC to show.

How to use FabCBD oil

Each bottle comes with a dropper.

To use it, insert the dropper into the bottle, press and release the rubber nipple while it is still in the bottle. This action creates a vacuum that the oil rises to occupy. Remove it, open your mouth and place the drops of oil under your tongue for easy absorption.

You can also just place the oil on your tongue and swallow it. Fab CBD says you should not let your dropper touch your mouth since some mouth bacteria can find their way into the products and affect its potency.Don’t worry about the taste. This product comes in mint, vanilla, berry, natural, and citrus flavors. That’s fun!



Wide selection of enjoyable flavors None at all
Feel the effects fast after taking it
Plenty of information from the manufacturer
It is simple to use

Where to buy FabCBD oil

Order this product from FabCBD official website . One bottle contains 30ML and since the dropper has a 1ML capacity, these are 30 doses. If you want to start slowly and grow into it, you can take 0.5ML to make the bottle take you through 60 doses.

Diamond cbd broad spectrum for sleep

Diamond CBD invests in continuous research to bring their customers the best products. All of their CBD products are made from organic, homegrown hemp.

Extraction of the CBD oil takes place in high quality labs so the relevant ingredients are left intact. In addition, this company gets third parties to test their products thoroughly.

If you have trouble catching quality sleep every night, Diamond CBD has broad spectrum gummies that can help you sleep like a newborn babe, well, only this time without the colic!

This product contains all the compounds found in the hemp plant. However, all THC has been extracted, even though the FDA allows up to 0.3% THC in CBD products. When you take it, you will not experience the psychoactive effects that THC gives.

Gummies are edibles that you can take to help you relax even when you are on the move. One bottle comes with 50 gummies. One gummy contains 30MG of CBD, so in total, a bottle of 50 gummies has 1500MG of CBD.

These gummies come with certain ingredients that include coconut MCT oil, melatonin for sleep enhancement, light corn syrup, maltodextrin and sucralose sweeteners, certified food colors and several other ingredients.Since CBD has a very bland taste, added flavors and sugar crystals make them more palatable.



This product is good for enhancing relaxation One jar costs $98, which is high
Does not contain THC so there are no psychoactive effects
You can consume these sweet treats on the go
They contain melatonin, which enhances sleep

Where to buy Diamond CBD Oil

You can buy this oil on the official website . You can order as many bottles as you like. When you buy more bottles, you get discounts, saving you some good money. If you just need one jar/bottle of Blackberry bedtime CBD gummies, it is going to cost you $97.49.

The CBDFX CBD + CBN night capsules are formulated to help you fall asleep at night and maintain high sleep quality for until you wake up. When you start taking these nighttime capsules, you will stop tossing at night and go the whole ten yards in your sleep.This high quality product comes from CBDFx. This company was established almost ten years ago in California.

This company invests heavily in research and third party lab tests to ensure that only the best products get into the market.

Alongside these night capsules, they also make morning capsules to help you start your day on the right footing, with a burst of energy.

The power of these CBDFx capsules is in the ingredients. First, this is a combination of CBD and CBN. It contains cannabidiol, which calms you and helps you to sleep.

It also contains ingredients such as Zinc citrate, Vitamins B6 and B3, Valerian root extract, Magnesium Oxide, Tarpene sleep blend, Astragin, CBD, CBN and hemp extract.This is quite a combination of natural products that not only work to enhance sleep, but they also boost your mood and immunity.

How to use CBDFx CBD + CBN

This oil is contained in capsules, so taking it is actually a matter of taking two capsules in a day, before bedtime. The whole bottle has a potency of 900MG, which is good for a person who is beginning to take the best CBD for sleep. One serving contains 30MG of CBD and 2.5MG of CBN.



It contains vitamin blends It does not come with full spectrum blends
It can enhance sleep and the mood
There are no side effects when you keep to the dosage
It is easy to take – just swallow 2 capsules with water

Where to buy the CBDFx CBD + CBN

Order this product on the official site . One bottle comes with 60 capsules and for one dose, you have to take two pills. Thus, this is a month’s supply. The cost of one bottle is $60. You can order many bottles.

7. Best CBD Lotions for sleep: Nirvana Lotion

In the introduction, we said that the best CBD for sleep sometimes comes in the form of topical creams and lotions.If you would rather not consume these products orally, you can get the Nirvana CBD lotion for sleep. It will help you bid goodbye to sleepless nights.

This lotion comes in a very beautiful jar. It is blended with 600MG of full spectrum CBD. It has all the naturally occurring compounds of hemp minus the THC.You can use this product to prevent muscle soreness after working out, relieve aching joints and pain that comes from inflammation.

In addition to cannabidiol, this product also has a few other active ingredients and several inactive ones. The inactive ones include glycerin, water, grapeseed oil, coconut oil, Roman chamomile oil, citric acid, orange oil and many others.As you can see even from the inactive ingredients, some of them have been known for their sleep promoting qualities. For instance, aloe vera helps in enhancing sleep.

How to use Nirvana CBD lotion

To use this lotion for pain relief, first, clean the place where you want to apply it. Secondly, dab into the lotion and apply it in circular motion on the affected place.You can also massage it into the skin so that it penetrates deeply. Even if you suffer from arthritis joint pain, this product will help. It will give you better sleep and the following day, you are going to wake up relieved from these pains.



The lotion penetrates the skin easily Not much information about how much you can apply
It does not contain filler ingredients
It is a topical application lotion with no side effects
Does not contain THC

Where to buy the Nirvana CBD Lotion

Here, we advocate buying CBD products from the official website only . That way, you can avoid counterfeit products. One jar of this lotion costs $49.99. This is a 100ML bottle, so it should last you sometime. For consistent results, it is best to continue using it for months.

8. Best CBD Creams for Sleep: Diamond CBD

With CBD content of 10,000mg, this is easily the most potent CBD cream that you can apply for pain relief. This is one of many products containing CBD for sleep in the Diamond CBD stable. This is a CBD isolate cream, which means it contains the purest form of CBD.

DiamondCBD says that professional athletes, moms, and indeed everyone else can use this cream for pain relief. When you apply it on the affected place, it will penetrate the skin and get into the bloodstream.That is how it enhances sleep. If you are a sleep deprived professional, you need this cream to help you sleep so that your productivity can improve.

If you have severe pain, you should get this cream. It is going to give you relief from the pain. However, please note that it might not remove all the pain, but it can lower the degree of severity.

How to use Diamond CBD Biotech CBD Cream

Topical application products are so easy to use. With this one, you just need to squirt a little of this cream onto your palms. Apply the cream onto the skin, massage and rub it in at the affected area so that it can penetrate the skin. It will start working on your pain soon after.

This cream is not a pain reliever only. It also improves sleep, works to minimize seizures, lowers anxiety and enhances sleep.



Contains the strongest quantity of CBD The price is high
It relieves different types of pain Does not remove severe pain completely – just relieves it
The jar can last a long time – just use the cream twice a day for pain
Full spectrum CBD – no fillers

Where to buy Diamond CBD Biotech Cream

Only get yours from the official website . It comes in a beautiful purple jar and box. One jar has a capacity of 100 ML and with twice-a-day usage, it can last a long time.

Conclusion and Recommendation

With the reviews for the best CBD for sleep we have brought you here, now, endless tossing at night will be a thing of the past.

All of the products that we have brought here serve multiple purposes. Their primary purpose is to enhance sleep. They also offer pain relief, anxiety relief, they boost the mood and generally, they make you more productive.

Whether you need chews, creams, lotions or oil, there is something for everyone. Don’t struggle with long nights again while options are so readily available and affordable.

Here, our CBD of choice is Fab CBD full spectrum CBD oil. It is so affordable and it will start to enhance your sleep the very first day that you use it.

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