Best CBD Edibles in Pennsylvania: Top 5 CBD Gummies Brands

Best CBD Edibles in Pennsylvania: Top 5 CBD Gummies Brands

There are many different reasons why all of us here in “The Keystone State” would be better off for sampling tasty CBD infused edibles. Watching the Phillies lose another one to the Dodgers stressing you out? That double dose of cheese on the Philly Cheesesteak upset your stomach for the 5th time this month? Maybe the Seven Gates of Hell myth in York is keeping you up at night? Whatever your issue is, I am here to tell you about the most reliable treats for anxiety and how exactly hemp edibles can help you work through those digestive issues. Plus, when you pop a couple cannabis gummies with infused melatonin in your mouth, you will be thanking me for what just might be the finest shut-eye you have had in ages. With dependable CBD Gummies for sleep, no longer will creepy myths about asylums from years past keep you awake at night.

One of the things that make these treats so popular is the wide variety of items that are now available. You can always keep your CBD intake consistent while keeping things fun by switching up products on a daily or even weekly basis. Maybe Monday is your CBD Cherry Gummy Day while on Tuesdays you switch to CBD infused sweets, such as herbal tea. Have fun figuring out what the best product for which day is a blast. You will never get bored and be taking care of your body at the same time.

For starters I wanted to walk you through some of the premier websites to buy CBD edibles online in Pennsylvania. As you will read these sites contain a wide range of products. I put together a type of checklist of each CBD store to start with to help you see the most important details that will allow you to compare CBD edibles on the market.

Manufactured: United States
Lab Certificates: Available online
Cost: $45.00 per 1000 mg jar
Things We Like: Top selection of CBD-Infused Gummies around
Things We Don’t Like: Wish they had single dose sample sizes on all edibles

I chose to start the list with JustCBD because quite frankly they are one of the foremost sellers of CBD products online today. Their top hemp gummies line is unlike any other. For starters, jars of basic clear multicolored CBD gummy bears come in three sizes 250mg, 500mg, and 1000mg. Actually, when you are looking at those standard jar sizes, they have 12 different flavors and shapes for you to try. In addition to the bears they also have Sour Bear, Apple Rings, Watermelon Rings, Blueberry Raspberry Rings, Happy Face, Gummy Cherries, Worms, Peach Rings, Rainbow Ribbons and even Sour Worms. Now this is just their CBD Gummy selection. The world of hemp edibles goes far beyond those. One of my new favorites is the CBD Honey Sticks. How much tastier can it get to be eating a honey stick while melting away your daily stress? The honey sticks come in boxes of 10 in 5 delicious flavors, original honey, Green Apple, Cinnamon, South Blue Raspberry, and Grape Honey Sticks. Once you fall in love with these CBD honey sticks rest assured you can also order a box of 100. JustCBD even offers buyers a discount of 30% on some items when you sign up for autoship orders.

Manufactured: United States
Lab Certificates: Available online Cost: $50.00 per 1500 mg jar
Things We Like: Many options and flavors to try
Things We Don’t Like: They have not updated their lab reports

Miami-based Empe touts that every CBD product they sell is 100% organically grown from Florida grown hemp. When you click through their site you will see that they have one of the largest selections of hemp edibles around. Their products list starts off with a hefty selection of gummies that includes regular infused CBD Gummies, Delta-8, Delta-9 & Delta-10 gummies, HHC and THC-O Gummies. Their jars come in a wide array of sizes and many different flavors and shapes like blue raspberry rings, sour bears and watermelon slices. Empe also carries a line of vegan gummies and the really fun, organic CBD gummy penguins. They also have a product line for CBD-infused gummies for pets as well as topical items like CBD cooling relief salve, CBD broad spectrum muscle and joint moringa + lemongrass balm and even four different types of CBD bath powder that contains 200mg of USA produced premium CBD.

Manufactured: United States
Lab Certificates: Available online Cost: $60.00 per 500 mg jar
Things We Like: Wide dosage variety
Things We Don’t Like: Website difficult to navigate and compare products

Founded in 2017, SW Distro is another Florida based CBD company who believes in delivering superior quality and customer service to their direct customers and private labels they produce. Their listings of CBD oil gummies come in many varieties in both potency and flavors. One of the most popular edibles they sell is their CBD peach gummy rings under their Avid Hemp label. It comes in three different sizes: 15 count / 250mg, 30 count / 500 mg or 60 count / 1500 mg of total hemp extract per container. Their assorted fruit flavored gummy bears come in four sizes that range from 300 mg to 3000 mg and each gummy contains 15mg of hemp extract. One of the most interesting CBD edibles that I have come across is SW Distro’s XL Delta 10 Syringe. Their syringe is a simple way to mirco-dose CBD. Don’t be fooled, the syringe is not for your body. You can inject the Delta-10 into any food you like or even into drinks. Each syringe is 1 ml and contains 1000mg of Delta-10 Extract and comes in three different strains, pineapple express, grandaddy purple and sour diesel.

Manufactured: United States Lab Certificates: Available online Cost: $59.00 per 750 mg jar
Things We Like: 30 day money back guarantee
Things We Don’t Like: Limited flavors for their edibles

Since 2017, Fab CBD has been providing the public a quality product line for the everyday person to add hemp to their routine. They back their CBD Gummies for stress with a 30-day money back guarantee. Fab CBD does not offer the wide variety as other stores since their CBD Gummy options are limited to two products, Anytime and Nighttime. Their nighttime selection are Acai flavored gummies that contain 12.5 mg of CBD along with melatonin and their hemp is organically grown. Their anytime gummies contain 25mg of isolate CBD each and are perfect for when you are on the go or even a post workout supplement. If you need something extra and need CBD Gummies for pain, FAB CBD offers an exciting CBD Salve that comes in two different sizes, 1000mg and 3000mg. Their roll-on topical salve features a magnificent heating and cooling effect that will have those muscles relaxed in no time.

I cannot recommend AndOtherBrands more to any CBD user but especially a new CBD edible user in Pennsylvania. This site is such a helpful guide to learn. My brain was like a sponge just soaking in all of the information. They do a very good job at allowing you to compare different CBD products on their site. You can also figure out the correct doses and what the CBD content number means and read a healthy number of articles on the ups and downs of CBD and what you can do to move your life forward. Another advantage to the AndOtherBrands page is how they rank each of the products they feature on the site as well as the parent company that sells them.

Now that I have been able to show you a handful of websites for you to learn and purchase CBD edibles let me take you through some FAQs that should help you move forward and make that first CBD purchase.

Should I take CBD edibles for stress?

I think Dr. Gary Mendelow was right when he said, “There are many benefits that cannabidiol can provide as a natural wellness supplement. The endocannabinoid system is a nerve signaling system throughout the body which helps maintain emotional, cognitive, and physiological stability.” Can you tell me a better way to help relieve your daily stress than eating a peach ring or two every afternoon? Right when that clock strikes 2:30pm and your lunch energy has now dissipated and you are stuck looking at the clock while trying to knock down that pile of work as your boss is continuously nagging you over and over again about that report. A couple peach rings later and you’ll enjoy a peaceful frame of mind and body.

How many CBD edibles should I take?

Most packages will give you a standard suggested serving but while everybody is different from each other there is no hard and fast rule to this. Many factors come into play when discussing the correct dosage. Your body weight, how quickly your body metabolizes the item and the level of CBD in the exact product will help you with that. The leading advice is to start slowly. Take note of the mg level of CBD in the edible and take one. Time how long it takes for relief and how long that lasts. Next time take two if appropriate.

Where should I buy CBD edibles for stress and anxiety?

The top place to start your CBD-infused lifestyle is online. At the beginning of this article, I have given you several online stores that you should try. These links were carefully reviewed to make sure you were getting the widest selection with the foremost possible quality items. Before I make a purchase I always like to compare to see if one site is running a sale or if a product that I like is set up for auto shipments. This is the leading way to get the most bang for your CBD infused gummies buck.

Does it matter where I buy CBD Gummies?

It really does. Pharmaceutical Chemist and industry veteran for over 30 years, Jose J. Ortiz recommends, “Always be sure to purchase from a reputable source. Check for third party lab reports on the manufacturing of their items. That way you know exactly what you are buying.” There is no need for guess work when buying the best CBD Gummies for sale online. If a company is not willing to show the quality of the product they sell it is always suggested to move on to another site.

Can CBD Oil offer relief for digestive issues?

Yes. Many people are out there searching for natural methods, like CBD Gummies near me, to help solve some of their most nagging issues. One of several CBD benefits is its powerful effects on one’s digestion. Some of the areas that it has been reported to assist is stomach ache, nausea, bloating and constipation. The CBD activates the CB 1 receptors which in turn assists with inflammation that helps with stomach discomforts.

What other types of CBD items should I try for my stress and anxiety?

Dr. Dimitri Novitzky, a thoracic surgeon for over twenty years, is a strong proponent of finding ways for each person to reduce their stress and anxiety. He warns, “Chronic stress is one of the worst things you can do to your body. It negatively affects just about every system in the body.” This is where CBD can help and things can really be fun. Regardless where you reside in Pennsylvania, there are so many different products that are being infused with CBD that you can really incorporate it into your life easily. I know I cherish my alone time in a relaxing bath. Why not add a CBD-infused bath balm to the water? Looking for an after-dinner dessert? Anandamide, which is in cacao that they use to make chocolate, is already known as the “bliss chemical.” Just wait until you try CBD chocolates. I regularly use hand cream on my hands throughout the day. They make hand cream and body lotion with CBD online. The list of products is almost endless. It is all up to you on how you incorporate it into your daily life. You can thank me later.

By David Baker, Cannabis Extraordinaire
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