? Woman Shares Hundreds Of Girl Scout Cookies + CBD Store Robbed

? Woman Shares Hundreds Of Girl Scout Cookies + CBD Store Robbed

Happy Wednesday, Indianapolis! Let’s get this day started. Here’s everything you need to know in Indianapolis today.

First, today’s weather:

Partly sunny. High: 50 Low: 32.

Here are the top three stories in Indianapolis today:

  1. An Indianapolis woman bought and gave away hundreds of boxes of Girl Scout Cookies over the weekend. The generous woman, Desi, bought the entire supply of Girl Scout Cookies from girls at every Walmart in Indianapolis that day — totaling 670 boxes, or about $3,000 worth of cookies. According to Desi, she beat cancer, was celebrating her birthday, and feeling thankful for life. Cookies were shared with shoppers as they exited the stores, and with Desi’s coworkers at Menards. (WTHR)
  2. A local artist designs upcycled jean jackets, while giving back to women in business. Emily Gartner, an artist and fashion designer, began using scraps from her studio to repurpose denim jackets and received a bigger reaction from the public than she expected. Now, her sought after jackets are available for purchase and a portion of the proceeds from each jacket goes toward creating a women’s empowerment grant. (FOX 59 Indianapolis)
  3. A CBD store owner watched on live surveillance as burglars hit her shop for the second time in weeks. Tanya Welsh, owner of 5 Star Medicinal Products, has already warned school authorities of the robbery, as she fears her goods may be peddled to kids at nearby Ben Davis High School. In total, five burglars stole items like e-cigarettes, smoking wraps, and edibles with Delta 8 THC in them — all of which the owner says aren’t covered by insurance due to the types of products they are. (FOX 59 Indianapolis)

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Today in Indianapolis:

  • Computer Class: Drop-In Basic Computer Coaching, At Michigan Road Branch (10:00 AM)

From my notebook:

  • This week, the Children’s Museum of Indianapolis will be installing a banner dawned with blue and yellow to show support and solidarity for the innocent families and children of Ukraine. (Facebook)
  • Indianapolis Fire Department firefighters made quick work of a blaze inside a vacant structure at 221 E 9th. (Facebook)
  • The first 20 people to volunteer 22 hours this year gets their choice of a Keep Indianapolis Beautiful cap, beanie, or sweatshirt! (Instagram)

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You’re all caught up for today! I’ll see you soon.

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