Weekend fitness: Practice these five easy exercises for toned arms

Weekend fitness: Practice these five easy exercises for toned arms

If you’re a working professional with a tight schedule, a homemaker with tons of chores and responsibilities or a student looking to have a toned upper body, you’ve come to the right place.

Amidst the hustle and bustle of everyday life, it becomes difficult to have a regular exercise regime. While some prefer to hit the gym, others prefer the calmness that yoga brings with it.

As such, if you want to achieve toned arms and shoulders, you may want to check out these five exercises as suggested by Ayurvedic expert and yoga instructor Dr Noopur Rohatgi.

“Each exercise should be done in 30 repetitions daily. Gradually increase the number of reps every week,” she advised in her post.

While regular physical activity is recommended for people of all ages, most don’t know a place where they can start from. Beginning with easy-to-do exercises may keep you motivated as well as keep you on the right track.

Dr Rohatgi advised that these exercises “should always be accompanied with other cardio exercises and calorie deficit nutritious diet for ultimate results.”

The five easy exercises for toned arms and shoulders, as suggested by Dr Rohatgi are mentioned below.

Arm Pulses

Designed to target the shoulders, triceps and biceps, arm pulses are highly recommended to tone down the arms. To do this exercise, lift your arms and keep your elbows and upper arms tight by your side. Proceed to move your arms in short pulses.

Sitting jacks

This exercise is similar to jumping jacks, the only difference is that you will be sitting while performing it. Keep your back straight and proceed to move your arms over your head in reps.

Side pull-downs

Designed to tone your back, a side pull down can be performed by first sitting straight and then proceeding to raise one arm over your head, keeping the elbows pointed.

Front and back clap

Designed to increase mobility in your arms, perform the front and back clap exercise by first sitting straight and then joining your hands in a clapping motion at the front, followed by the back.

Back hand pulses

To perform this exercise, stand straight, then clasp your hands at your back.

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