Top 5 Best Fitness Business Software To Easily Run Your Fitness Centers in 2022

Top 5 Best Fitness Business Software To Easily Run Your Fitness Centers in 2022

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Managing your gym, fitness clubs, fitness schools and such has never been easier with gym management software. With reliable fitness business software, you can manage all business and school operations everywhere you are at any time of the day.

Ultimately, you can reduce your workload and be more productive to do tasks that would otherwise not be possible without gym management software.

What Is a Fitness Management System?

Simply put, gym software simplifies the basic process of running a gym, such as managing schedules, keeping track of customers/members, communicating with them, processing payments, and other administrative activities.

Therefore, if you’re a fitness business owner, you can benefit from fitness business software because it automates your job, manages almost everything on your behalf, and creates a high-end user experience.

What Software Do Fitness Centers Use?

Besides fitness business owners, gym management software is also helpful for personal trainers, gym owners, gym teachers, and everyone who runs fitness centers. But while fitness business software is rewarding, make sure that you only get the best of the best to help your fitness center operate in the long run with minimal setbacks.

Indeed, running a fitness business with gym management software can pay off well so let us do the honors to introduce you to the top 5 best gym management software that successful fitness centers use.

#1 Gymdesk

The aptly named Gymdesk application is hands down among the most useful and straightforward fitness software products on the market. Founded by Eran Galperin, the Texas-based GymDesk seeks to redefine how fitness can best be approached via an incredibly detailed and savvy management software.

The software can be used by almost any form of fitnessed-based institution, whether it be a contemporary gym, yoga studio, or martial arts schools. These aforementioned institutions must only sign up through the dedicated GymDesk website, which allows for a sweet 30-day free trial, and they are all set. It’s that simple.


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Through GymDesk, users can track everything from memberships, billing, customer service inquiries, and marketing aspirations. The initial setup is quick and painless, and GymDesk itself has customer support at the ready when any issues may arise. The GymDesk software hosts a suite of interesting tools at a user’s disposal, allowing their fitness brand and business to thrive in more ways than one.

GymDesk will also assist its customers via building a proper website for their business, allowing for various integrations, such as an embedded gym schedule, listed training philosophies, and suitable instructors alongside their own time tables. The software comes fitted with a Lead Capture tool for swift and hassle-free lead nurturing so as to potentially boost members through one’s website and social output.

To make the mundane even more simple and affordable, GymDesk likewise allows for a simplified messaging construct, alerting members of any potential changes or news pertaining to your gym. The application also comes with a highly useful referral program, which will aid in devising better fitness plans and broader terms for newer clients.


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All of these amazing tools come integrated into GymDesk’s sophisticated platform, which itself is highly regarded via various gym owners, like Kroyler Gracie, who operates a Jiu-Jitsu school. In his own words:

“Gymdesk not only has a great product, their customer service is amazing. They’re personable, on top of things, and take recommendations. When COVID hit and we had to shut down, I wondered how I would offer online classes. Before I even had a chance to ask support for advice, they emailed everyone about the new online class features. It was a godsend.”

As evidence with this feedback, it’s clear GymDesk is a customer-first software provider that seeks the comfort and success of its clients. In the simplest terms, it provides user-friendly and easy-to-use software that strictly aligns with modern design principles. It makes fitness workloads far easier for gym owners and their staff, while likewise enlisting a premium feel for their various gym members and visitors interacting through it. Relayed via Gracie, customer support is best in class, and the software is constantly evolving based on its myriad user feedback.


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GymDesk comes in four main monthly plans that fit right into your budget and overall needs. There is a $60, $90, $130, and a $200 monthly plan, all affording a variety of incentives and membership options for customers’ leisure. One would have to genuinely search far and wide for a negative review on GymDesk, with many of its reception coming in at the top of its class.

On GetApp, for instance, GymDesk is awarded a 4.9 stars with over 80 reviews, a measly nine of which are negatives. The most insight comes via Cindy, who relays “The attendance check-in is a bit confusing when you have multiple classes running,” thus user experience can most likely be attuned for a more streamlined fitness management experience. Several other given negative reviews are more so positives, as witnessed via Leif who writes:

“What few small problems I’ve had were quickly resolved by the founder. I have had ZERO problems with the back-end payment system or student management.”

Still, while GymDesk maintains arguably among the most sophisticated and streamlined fitness management software systems, it isn’t wholly without issues. Customization is its biggest fault, seeing that so few concepts can be made to a user’s liking within GymDesk’s broad dashboard. GymDesk does have a suite of useful tools for gym owners, but it unfortunately doesn’t allow them to be utilized to their full potential, or in the way that specific users may want.

For instance, GymDesk has a booking function for scheduling students/clients and their fitness regiments. Not all users will be utilizing the function for this specifically, like AFA Martial Arts’ Michael, who prefers to “use the booking function for leads rather than students.” In this case, the Book link on GymDesk’s software dashboard could instead be customized to a user’s own variety of personal needs.


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Customization and configuration are also limited in its signup menu space. Gym owners utilizing GymDesk alongside their own self-built and self-managed website may not find its software all too personal, as a great deal of functionality under GymDesk is positioned in such a way that it almost necessitates users build their platform via the app’s own website designer.

Another point of contention is users only being able to see the next month’s payment schedule as opposed to having a full view of the cycle. Allowing more of a robust payment management system would give some gym owners the ability to freely and simply adjust necessary months in advance in the case of allotting a free month off, or potential closures in need of cancellation.

Beyond these complaints, however, GymDesk still manages to outclass most of its rivals. It offers all of the most necessary tools at pretty affordable rates, depending on your needs. Whether it’s broadening your yoga studio’s outreach or bundling all of your gym sessions into one streamlined software application, GymDesk has it covered.

#2 Zen Planner

Zen Planner developed its gym management software to meet the needs of gym owners, martial arts and MMA schools, and different fitness centers when it comes to membership management. Unlike other fitness business software, Zen Planner has a myriad of tools to let you gather more members, visitors, or clients.


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Zen Planner has integrated payment processes and automated billings downloadable on Android and iOS devices, so you won’t have to manually bill members and customers instead. Speaking of automation, there are self-service applications for staff and members to schedule appointments on their own.

Members also get to access skill and belt tracking to see their progress, together with their attendance, to keep up with their fitness goals. Additionally, you don’t need to worry about keeping tabs on your active members because it contains a dashboard displaying your most important metrics, such as how many new members have signed up and how many have stayed as members.

Plus, Zen Planner offers role-based security, meaning you can grant different levels of access to different employees based on the features or data they need to access. This is helpful in the matter of protecting private information and finances.

Furthermore, you can access a ‘report’ feature to see and analyze your business operations so you can develop forecasts and change or improve a few things. However, you have to learn a thing or two on tweaking the reports you wanted to grab a hold of because it doesn’t offer pre-built ones.

Now, if you’re new and you want to start things right, Zen Planner offers an onboarding coach to assist new gym owners in implementing the fitness business software right away.

Main Features & Benefits

  • Manages your gym members using a scope of features

  • Runs your billing system easily

  • Customizable dashboard according to your liking

  • Integrates with productive apps

  • Ensures data privacy and security

#3 Kicksite

Designed for small and midsize martial arts instructors and gyms, the Kicksite is a web-based application that enables martial arts schools and gyms to manage their members and overall operations.


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Rather than solely focusing on managing members, fitness business software also allows you to develop lead campaigns with customized submission forms, confirmation pages, and follow-up emails to invite more members into your website.

But while other gym software focuses on businesses, Kicksite leans more on student fitness centers, particularly martial arts schools. In fact, the gym management software provides a student check-in portal and student ranking features. To keep students engaged, Kicksite lets them integrate their social media accounts to share their accomplishments.

Aside from that, gym members also get to enjoy social media integration to post about belt promotions and similar accomplishments they want to share with their friends. Both students and members can track their attendance and monitor their activities.

Like the rest of the gym management software we’ve reviewed, Kicksite has all of your needs in one place, so managing them is much easier. Because of this, there’s no need to access different pages and no more multiple tabs.

In general, this gym management software is ideal mostly for martial arts schools than fitness business owners. So if you’re looking to optimize your business and invite more members, Kicksite is not right up your alley. Regardless, Kicksite’s all-in-one solution streamlines student activity, communication, billing, integration, and other operations.

Main Features & Benefits

  • Cloud-based gym management software

  • For fitness centers and schools

  • Helpful integrations to improve operations

  • Manages members and students

  • Can give more leads

#4 Push Press

Push Press is another cloud-based gym management software designed not just for gyms but also for fitness clubs and the likes to support their business operations. These activities in question include point-of-sale services, reservations, billing, and more.


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Compared to most fitness business software, Push Press offers additional services to increase your revenues. With Push Press, you can sell products on-site such as apparel, sports drinks, supplements, and other fitness products through the point-of-sale functionality.

Then regardless of whether you already have a website of your own or not, Push Press got you covered. With an API, you can easily make your own websites and/or integrate Push Press in just a few clicks. From there, you can manage your business operation, sell products, and facilitate drop-in appointments.

To give gym members a smooth experience, Push Press lets your staff manage to check out and check in functionality together with different payment methods. But the problem is members can’t do this themselves and might overwhelm your staff when a lot of people are making their reservations.

Other than functioning as a gym management software, Push Press also highlights user experience with workout routines projected on televisions with their Screens App This way, members can simply look at the screen to follow workout plans.

At the moment, you can integrate Push Press to several third-party apps like Facebook, Slack, WordPress, Google, and more for two purposes; membership satisfaction and staff collaboration.

Main Features & Benefits

  • Easy to use and operate

  • Supports major business operations

  • Provides membership management features

  • Allows you to sell products on its website

  • Supports multiple payments and self-checkout methods

  • Can integrate with apps to optimize the user experience

#5 Gym Master

As the name implies, Gym Master specializes in providing gym management software for fitness studios, gyms, and fitness clubs of all sizes, thanks to its cloud-based system capable of managing members as well as supporting administrative tasks.

Gym Master

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Gym Master lets you manage your members and every administrative task that can take up time, effort, and money. With this fitness business software, your members can book and schedule appointments while having the capacity to pay online. Members can also contact each other via automated SMS, emails, and push notifications.

There are also gym access controls for you to look after your physical gym center round the clock, manage membership timers and keep track of your customer’s visits. You can also see how members use your gym equipment. In addition, Gym Master can lend you information on both your members and staff.

Overall, there are a lot of features that you can expect from Gym Master. While most gym owners find this helpful, the extensivity makes it difficult to grasp especially if you aren’t tech-savvy at all. Nonetheless, if you need help Gym Master offers email and phone support, as well as videos, instructions, and remote support through TeamViewer.

Main Features & Benefits

  • Extensive features and user-friendly

  • Can convert prospects into members with automated marketing

  • Easy to invite and sign-up members online

  • Easy for members to book

  • Customer support for newbies

Why Do You Need a Gym Management Software?

While running fitness centers is rewarding, it takes a lot of effort and resources to operate it successfully. You’ll be investing hours and hours of time to manage your members and administrative tasks in a day.

Therefore, you have to find another way to simplify your processes while at the same time, reducing costs, time, and efforts. You can accomplish all of these tasks by using fitness business software. With our top 5 best gym management software, you can improve your gyms, fitness and martial arts school, and other fitness centers in no time.

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