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Tips and tricks for getting back to your fitness goals

Tips and tricks for getting back to your fitness goals

CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa (KCRG) – ‘New Year, New Me’… It’s a saying many people take on as they begin their New Year’s Resolutions.

And while those resolutions can look different for everyone, fitness is one goal many set on January 1st.

However… Bryan Pettit, owner of Golden Trainer Performance in Cedar Rapids said unrealistic goals can play a part in not being able to reach them.

”Unfortunately some get so deterred, they completely kick fitness to the side and decide that its not worth the effort or not worth the commitment to move forward,” said Pettit.

Mental health is another factor that can affect motivation for reaching your goals. And not seeing immediate results can also be a factor of derailing a fitness plan.

”If I’ve been going to the gym for several weeks, or months even and I don’t see any weight loss, I still feel stressed, tired and sore muscles when I go, why should I keep doing this?” said Dr. Don Damsteegt, Family Psychology Associates Owner.

Dr. Jaclynn Sullivan, an Assistant Professor of Psychology at Mt. Mercy University said if you’re feeling overwhelmed by your goal, try taking smaller strides.

”Just do it anyway. Do the pieces of the goal that would help you toward the goal even if they’re really small every day,” said Sullivan.

Another tip for getting back on track is looking not only at your fitness… but nutrition as well.

”Nutrition plays a much bigger part because I’ll have people that are maybe in the gym or active only two or three days a week, but if you’re eating poorly six or seven days a week then you’re going to more than offset what you’re trying to do in the gym,” said Pettit.

Taking time to look for and plan what works best for you… avoiding all or nothing thinking.

”It’s always within reach. So, no matter what set back you might have had or what goal you have going forward, it’s never too late to get started,” said Pettit.

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