The best fitness apps for traveling in 2022

The best fitness apps for traveling in 2022

While it is great that many of us plan on taking more trips this year, all of that traveling can take a toll on your fitness and health. That is why we put together this list of the best fitness apps for traveling in 2022!

Workout apps

Peloton digital app

While Peloton is best known for its popular cycling and treadmill classes, the company also has a large library of strength workouts. Many of these classes do not require any weights at all, which makes them convenient for a quick workout inside your hotel room. There are also lots of dumbbell strength classes as well which are great to take if you have them available.

With 30-days free and a monthly cost afterward of just $12.99, this is one of my favorite options for workouts on the road. Learn more here.

Future fitness app

If you want the best fitness app for traveling, you may want to look into the Future Fitness App (see our full review here). This program pairs you up with a professional coach who designs all of your workouts. So if you are traveling, your Future coach will adjust your workouts for whatever equipment and time you have available.

Even more importantly, your coach will be checking in on you to see how you are doing and keep you accountable. No more slacking off just because you are out of town!

While this premium service costs $149 per month, it is definitely worth it for those serious about getting the best results. Join Future here and receive your first month for only $19.

Nike Run Club app

If you want to plan out a good running program while you travel, check out the Nike Run Club App. This app will help you map out a run no matter where you are and design a session around your own personal fitness level, heart rate, and run splits.

This running app features a free 7-day trial and then costs $14.99/month or $99.99/year afterward. Check it out here.

Yoga and mobility apps

Down Dog yoga app

Down Dog has tons of classes and routines for all levels from beginner to expert. This yoga app does a great job in allowing you to choose a pace, focus, and set the time you have available.

Yoga is a great way to stay mobile and fit while you travel, and Down Dog makes one of the best app experiences available. There is a free version as well as a more feature-rich premium version which costs just $8 per month. Learn more here.

ROMWOD mobility app

If yoga isn’t your thing, but you want to get into a good stretching and mobility routine, ROMWOD offers a great solution with its app. With new daily 15 to 20 minute guided mobility videos and a huge library of programs to choose from, there is something here for everyone.

ROMWOD comes with a free 7-day trial and afterward costs $13.95 per month. Learn more here.

Fitness tracking apps

Strava fitness tracking app

When it comes to fitness tracking, no one does it better than Strava. With over 95 million members, there is a reason this is the number one fitness tracking app. Whether you are running, lifting weights, or taking an indoor cycling class, almost every program can be integrated together with Strava.

The best part of Strava is that it is entirely free. Of course, it also has a more premium version of the app for just $5 per month, but the free version offers quite a bit for anyone looking to get started. Click here to learn more.

MyFitnessPal nutrition tracking app

Eating well on the road is the toughest part for many who want to stay in shape. While it will always be hard to stay on a great food plan while on a trip, MyFitnessPal makes it a lot easier. With easy food tracking and management, it is the go-to nutrition tracking app for millions.

MyFitnessPal has a free version, but if you are serious about tracking your food, you will probably want to opt for its premium plan which costs $9.99 per month or $49.99 per year. Click here to learn more.

Best of luck staying fit and healthy while you travel this year!

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