Home Fitness Sussanne Khan’s jump squats are the fitness inspo we need for every day

Sussanne Khan’s jump squats are the fitness inspo we need for every day

Sussanne Khan’s jump squats are the fitness inspo we need for every day


“Buckle up and I got you covered,” Sussanne’s fitness mantra is motivating us to hit the gym and push our boundaries.

Sussanne Khan is a fitness enthusiast. The interior designer keeps sharing snippets fresh off her fitness routine on a regular basis on her Instagram profile. When it comes to workouts, Sussanne believes in pushing her boundaries and challenging herself every day. The interior designer’s Instagram profile is replete with pictures and videos of herself engrossed in several workout positions in her living room. From high intensity workouts to pushing herself and performing the impossible, Sussanne is a fitness inspiration for us today and every other day.

Sussanne, a day back, shared a short video of herself acing jump squats right in her living room. The interior designer, in the video, can be seen focusing her dedication and hard work into her routine. In the video, Sussanne can be seen jumping and squatting on a box kept in front of her repeatedly. Dressed in a black tank top and a denim pair of gym trousers, Sussanne can be seen engrossed in doing the jump squats. Sussanne’s fitness mantra is short, simple and effective – “Buckle up and I got you covered.”

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Sussanne aced 50 jump squats for her morning routine. Needless to say, the video is brushing our midweek blues away quite effectively. Sussanne shared her fitness state of mind with these hashtags in her caption – #Finisher50jumpsquats, #before10am, #5×10, #niketrainingclub and #entertainingmyself. Take a look at her intense routine here:

Jump squats come with multiple health benefits for the body. It helps in targetting the glutes, quads, hips, and hamstrings. It also helps in increasing the heart rate, thereby improving the cardiovascular health of the body. Performing jump squats on a daily basis helps in putting stress on the joints and improving the core and lower back muscles. It also helps in developing explosive strength and improving the athletic performance of the body.


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