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Start Early – Functional Fitness and Physical Education For Students

Start Early – Functional Fitness and Physical Education For Students


Functional Fitness and Physical Education For Students

UNITED STATES, March 29, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — The journey of becoming fit and healthy ideally starts at a young age. Middle and High School are important places for young adults to try different ways of exercising and find their own way of working out. MoveStrong, a US-based manufacturer of specialty and strength training equipment, helps plan and supply tools for elementary, middle, and high schools, to turn their physical education into a functional fitness experience.

Tacoma Park Middle School in Maryland just opened a brand-new MoveStrong Functional training room for all students. The installation marks the 9th school in Montgomery County school district in Maryland, that MoveStrong has developed a unique fitness area for; and makes the school part of over 30 elementary, middle, and high schools across the country featuring MoveStrong indoor and outdoor training sites.

All of these schools are different, however, one thing they all have in common is the transformation of their physical fitness space into a more functional, movement-based workout area, that supports creating a long-term commitment to a healthier lifestyle.

“We are passionate about supporting today’s youth in promoting more functional movement and strength-based activities to create strong sound bodies. We realize the importance of creating healthy habits early in youth development to help promote an active and fit lifestyle. MoveStrong philosophy and style of exercise, using functional fitness and multi-direction movement-based skills, is exactly what our youth needs to combat a sedentary lifestyle while developing true strength, stamina, balance, agility, and self-confidence.” says Jared Kuka, the company founder.

The NovaWall FTS features wall-mounted indoor solutions, that can be customized in height for any student to perform body weight and calisthenics training.Numerous anchor points can be used to extend the system with various accessories at any time.

A large selection of different equipment can be combined to create the ideal fitness area for any location and budget. Select HIIT cardio stations, pull-up bracket systems with stall bars and rope ladders, as well as Omni strength bars,were chosen for students to take part in group fitness training and move freely to get functional fit and have fun!

To ensure the most efficient use of Move Strong’s training site, educational events are part of the service. More than 20 Physical Education teachers from the Montgomery School District have already learned and shared new ideas on using functional fitness to promote physical activity for middle and high school students.

About Company

– MoveStrong offers customized gym equipment, outdoor fitness courses, training accessories, and apparel.

– We accompany all customers through the whole project with the support of budget, design, layout, construction, installation, equipment configuration, and education on the final fitness site for the most efficient use.

– Mainly industrial customers for outdoor fit ground and obstacle courses, including recreation centers, parks, health clubs, schools, military, fire and EMT, law enforcement, obstacle course races

– Made in USA

For further information and media inquiries visit www.movestrongfit.com or call toll free at 855-728-8700.

Jared Kuka
Move Strong Functional Fitness Equipment LLC
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