Sonnalli Seygall Shares Her Fitness Mantra: Do Some Sort of Physical Activity Every Day

Sonnalli Seygall Shares Her Fitness Mantra: Do Some Sort of Physical Activity Every Day

Stars have constant pressure on themselves for staying healthy and fit. For some of them, an amalgamation of dieting and exercise works wonders, while for others, following the fitness regime of yoga or MMA works the best. In a recent interview with, Sonnalli Seygall was asked about her fitness mantra which keeps her healthy and glowing. The actress, who will be next seen in MX Player’s Anamika, shared that consistency is the key to staying fit.

Sonnalli explained how staying consistent with any sort of physical activity can help people stay fit. She further added the process of going to the gym 10 days a month is not going to help if one is looking forward to staying healthy. She said, “My fitness mantra, which I tell everybody, is that you have to have some sort of physical activity every day. If you decide to go to the gym 10 days a month and then three months you’re not going it doesn’t solve the purpose. You have to be consistent, whether you do a 20-minute workout, but do something. A lot of people make the mistake of focusing on workouts. When it comes to fitness, they instantly think of gyms. No, fitness starts at home and what you eat really matters.”

The actress also shared that following a strict diet and starving won’t help, and one should refrain from eating any kind of packaged food to stay fit.

She said, “Now, people start thinking that I have to eat boiled food and I can’t eat carbohydrates. As long as you’re eating healthy, and your homemade food, not eating packaged food and anything that comes in a package or boxes is bad for you. So, you have to limit that, of course, don’t stop living your life. You want to have a packet of chips once a month, please do that. But don’t make it an everyday routine, that’s where we fail, not only as a fitness thing but also in a race. So, I would say keeping your diet simple, keep your body mobile, agile, and keep eating healthy is the key.”

On being asked about a fitness tip that she would recommend for all the youngsters, the actress shared that one should choose a workout that he/she finds simpler and enjoyable.

Sonnalli said, “I would say don’t choose a workout just because it has benefited your friend – like, oh this one has lost so many kilograms, so I will also do the same. You choose something that you enjoy, only then you would be able to stick to it. So, if you don’t enjoy a workout then it won’t be beneficial. If you don’t enjoy gyms, then don’t take a membership. You find out other ways. If you like to play cricket, or like dancing, or if you like to go for a run, or like cycling, do that. Pick up things that you enjoy and you stick to that. Be consistent. Consistency is discipline.”

On the work front, Sonnalli Seygall is currently seen in Anamika, which released on March 10. The show is a spy thriller and also stars Sunny Leone, Rahul Dev, Samir Soni, Shehzad Shaikh, and Ayaz Khan. Anamika is directed by Vikram Bhatt.

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