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Smith Aquatic & Fitness Center reopens after 2 years

Smith Aquatic & Fitness Center reopens after 2 years

CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (WVIR) – Charlottesville’s Smith Aquatic and Fitness Center is reopening to the public after two years of renovations.

After some complaints of hot air in the pool area, the center closed its doors so that it could get its HVAC and air filtration system up to par.

Now, after multiple checks, swimmers are welcomed back into the water.

“We just wanted to make sure that everything was entirely up to par and want to make sure that we come back strong and, you know, dealing with those kinds of issues we just thought it was worth it to take the extra time,” Charlottesville Aquatics Manager Michael Johnson said.

Johnson took the role almost a month ago, and has worked with staff members to get the pool ready for opening day.

“We spent a good bit of money in taking care of the air quality issues. We also were given different grants and things as part of our city project, part of our improvement project to make it happen,” Johnson said.

Around $2.23 million from capital improvement and grants was spent to renovate the pool.

“We don’t have any records or any knowledge right now or know anyone who was particularly harmed, it was just kind of the, you know, not feeling quite comfortable when they’re in the building,” Johnson said.

Now he says the issues are fixed.

“It’s investment we’d happily make again, time we’d absolutely take again,” Johnson said. “There’s no chance of us having to close down or have any of this happen again…We’re double and triple checking. You know, we’ve been good for a while now.”

For the first two weekends there is a special discount for people to come check out the pool.

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