Shruti Seth’s Inclined Machine Press is giving our week an intense fitness boost

Shruti Seth’s Inclined Machine Press is giving our week an intense fitness boost

Shruti Seth is a fitness enthusiast. The plethora of pictures and videos fresh off her fitness diaries on her Instagram profile are proof of the fact that the actor loves her time in the gym. Shruti hardly misses a day from her fitness routine. Be it high intensity workouts or yoga, Shruti believes in focusing her dedication and hard work to her fitness. Shruti also keeps stating the steps, benefits and the guidelines on performing her fitness exercises with her posts in order to motivate her Instagram family to start taking their health seriously.

Shruti recently got back to her yoga routine after a break owing to her hand injury. From performing yoga asanas in tight spaces to demonstrating variations of several asanas with home equipment for support, Shruti keeps raising the fitness bar for us. A day back, Shruti gave us the necessary fitness boost with an intense video of herself working out on herself in the gym. Needless to say, the video is brushing our midweek blues away all the while making us want to rush to the gym.

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In the video, Shruti can be seen performing Inclined Machine Press in a gym setup. The actor can be seen positioned on an inclined seat and repeatedly working on her upper chest, shoulders and arm muscles by performing the routine. “Strength training,” wrote Shruti as she shared the short snippet from her intense routine. She also shared her fitness state of mind with these hashtags with her post – #fitness, #exercise and #health. Take a look:

The Inclined Machine Press comes with multiple health benefits. It helps in targeting the pectoralis major, upper chest, anterior deltoid (front shoulder) and triceps. It also helps in developing the stability of the upper body. It also helps in developing power and strength to complement other training routines, and boosting the overall performance of the body.

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