Seven reasons why OnePlus Bullets Wireless Z2 are the perfect fitness companion

Seven reasons why OnePlus Bullets Wireless Z2 are the perfect fitness companion

A good workout session can become great, if fueled by the right music. But like everything else in the tech world, finding the right pair of earphones to suit your fitness needs in a world full of earphones, headphones and earbuds can be a really difficult task. To make sure your audio partner is a blessing and not a burden, there are certain basic fit, form and performance standards they should meet. Weight, fit, controls, sweat and dust resistance, and of course audio quality, are some of the basic parameters one should look out for while buying a new pair of earphones for their daily fitness regime. But getting a pair of earphones that meets all these requirements can be a lot of work. Fortunately, a pair of wireless earphones exist that not only meet all these criteria but ace them with elan. Meet OnePlus Bullets Wireless Z2. Here are seven reasons why the OnePlus Bullets Wireless Z2 earphones make the perfect fitness buddies, regardless of the kind of workout regime you follow:

Light weight and snug fit 

Working out can be quite a demanding task which leaves little to no scope for other factors to make it more difficult than it has to be. Bulky over the ears headphones or even the tiny TWS that are all the rage at the moment, can actually be counterproductive in the process. The heft that most over the ear headphones come with or the fact that no matter how hard you try, TWS come with a risk of falling out of your ears every time you do a jumping jack can literally break the whole workout rhythm. This is one area where the OnePlus Bullets Wireless Z2 shine. The earphones are not only light weight at a mere 26.65 grams but also offer a snug fit, thanks to the different sized ear-tips that one can choose and pick as per their size. The lightweight build means they can hang around your neck all day and you will not even notice them and the different ear tip sizes help you choose the fit that is perfect for you and makes sure the earbuds do not fall out, no matter what kind of exercise you chose to do.

Skin friendly, safe design

Another feature that makes the Bullets Wireless Z2 your perfect fitness friend is their design. The wireless earphones means that they connect to your phone wirelessly and give you the freedom from having to carry your phone around all the time. The earphones also come with easy-access buttons on the band which means you can carry all the basic functions right from the band itself. The neck band provides the safety and stability one needs while doing a rigorous workout, so even on the rare occasions when the earbuds might fall out of your ears, the Bullets Wireless Z2 will stay intact, saving them from getting damaged. OnePlus has also made sure that one can use the Bullets Wireless Z2 for prolonged periods by making the earphones of skin-friendly silicone material. The ergonomic U-shaped band makes sure it sits well around your neck.

Sound that goes beyond bass

The OnePlus Bullets Wireless Z2 come with the biggest drivers that OnePlus has ever included on a pair of earphones. They bring massive 12.4 mm drivers that deliver audio that not only offers deep bass but also makes sure you get detailed audio, regardless of the genre you like to listen to. The buds also come with anti-distortion audio technology which makes sure that your music is always noise free. The notes also remain distortion-free, thanks to the large cavity that the earphones offer. This means the OnePlus Bullets Wireless Z2 will not only boss the bass action and give you the pump you need while working out but  also fulfill all other daily audio requirements. The comfortable yet cosy fit also provides great noise isolation, cutting out the external noise so that you can enjoy your music without disturbance.

Water and sweat resistance

Sweat is a very basic byproduct of workouts which means while working out, you must have earphones that come with some sort of sweat resistance. The OnePlus Bullets Wireless Z2 are not only comfortable and well fitted for even the most intense workouts but also come with IP55 rating which makes them water and sweat resistant. You could be dripping in sweat or take them out running on a rainy day, and the earphones will keep pace with your active lifestyle.

Charge fast, all-day play

The concept of fast charging is nothing new when it comes to smartphones but because the Bullets Wireless Z2 come from the house of OnePlus (the lord of fast charging), it does not come as a surprise that even the earphones from the brand come with fast charging support. Just ten minutes of charge will get you up to 20 hours of immersive playback time which is more than enough to go about your day. Along with support for fast charging, the earbuds also come with flagship-level battery life that can see up to a whopping 30 hours of non-stop music and up to 16 hours of talk time on a single charge. Charge them once, and you will not need to do so for a while.

A true call master

The OnePlus Bullets Wireless Z2 not only ace the music department but also own the calling zone.  OnePlus has added AI noise cancellation to the Bullets Wireless Z2, which reduce the noise that would otherwise hamper the call quality. The wireless earphones also come with AI scene-model algorithm which isolates voice from ambient noise and delivers clean and noise-free calls.

Seamless and fast OnePlus pairing

OnePlus has been building an eco-system of its own which allows users with multiple OnePlus devices to enjoy a seamless and fast connection between each other. Devices from the OnePlus family are quick to pair and communicate amongst themselves. This comes to the fore in the Bullets Wireless Z2 as well. The OnePlus Fast Pair feature allows you to connect your Bullets Wireless Z2 instantly with other OnePlus devices and offers faster response times and extremely low latency rates.

Bonus point: Price

The OnePlus Bullets Wireless Z2 were launched at Rs. 2,299 but at the moment are available for Rs. 1,999 on the brand’s own website. You can also avail more discounts with certain banks and cards offer.

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