Rashmika Mandanna speaks of her fitness mantra, shares fresh workout goals

Rashmika Mandanna speaks of her fitness mantra, shares fresh workout goals

Rashmika Mandanna is a dedicated fitness enthusiast. The Instagram profile of the actor is replete with pictures and videos of herself in several workout positions in her gym. Rashmika, when not working, is usually spotted in the quaint corners of her gym working out in animal mode. Be it a high intensity workout routine or kickboxing, Rashmika ensures to focus her dedication and hard work in completing the routine to perfection. Also, the actor keeps sharing snippets of her fitness journey on her Instagram profile to motivate her fans to start taking their workouts seriously.

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A day back, Rashmika rounded off her day with an intense workout routine at the gym. A post-workout mirror selfie of the actor made its way on her Instagram stories right after with a dose of motivation. Rashmika believes that more than anything, our fitness journey is influenced by our consistency in being able to stick to what we have decided. Our fitness goals are reached when we are consistent in workout for it. With a picture of herself dressed in a black sports bra and a pair of maroon gym trousers, Rashmika wrote her fitness mantra and how important she thinks being consistent is. Rashmika wrote in her stories that it is not just about the diet or our dedication, but also our thoughts that we should be consistent with throughout the fitness journey.

Instagram story of Rashmika Mandanna.(Instagram/@rashmika_mandanna)

“I don’t know if I am allowed to post this picture. Many of you will not like it, but posting this story to say that the key to your fitness goals is consistency – with workouts, with physios, with your diets, with your thoughts, with your journey. Just be consistent and enjoy it. It won’t be fun for a while but when you get used to it, you’ll realise. Sending my love to you,” wrote Rashmika.

Consistency in stick to a particular fitness regime helps in developing muscles gradually and also helps in relaxing the mind and the body. It also helps in feeling relieved both mentally and physically.

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