Paddy Doyle makes it 707 fitness challenges

Paddy Doyle makes it 707 fitness challenges

Paddy Doyle doing the squats with 81lb of weight

It was tough going for former Para and ex RAF Reservist Paddy Doyle when the multi Guinness World Record Holder was put to the test by setting a new British Army role fitness test course record.

The five disciplines where; seated 5kg medicine ball throw 3.2 metres, 10 strict squats carrying an overall weight of 81lbs, combined distances of 3.2km , 4 km and 2 km loaded marches carrying 40lb back pack, finishing all exercises in an overall time of 1 hr. 13 min. 20 sec.

The Rowington Village route was waterlogged and on the last mile march in to the finish line, Doyle says his right calf muscle snapped, however he kept on going blocking out the pain all the way to the end.

“It was a tough challenge using various muscle groups the wet weather made the route very arduous,” he added. “My calf muscle strain felt as though it was pierced with a needle I just ignored the pain focusing on achieving my 707th sporting challenge.”

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