Need For Menstrual Friendly Workplaces

Need For Menstrual Friendly Workplaces

Diksha Chhabra, Renowned fitness and PCOS expert, explains that it is okay to take a break during menstruation.

Womanhood has no strict definition to it. For some women, it’s strength; for others, it’s tenderness. So every person deals with things differently. But when it comes to menstruation, it’s not just a woman bleeding; menstruation itself is an emotion. So to some extent, women still are not very comfortable showing how they feel during their cycle.

Bleeding every month for years is not just limited to a woman’s capability to reproduce a new life but many other factors that the people around them tend to forget. Unfortunately, we have grown up in an environment where people think it’s just another ordinary day for a woman to bleed. But Diksha Chhabra, Fitness And PCOS Expert, shares multiple factors that come along, sometimes even before the cycle starts.

Menstrual Friendly Environment

To uplift a menstrual friendly environment, the right to safe and hygienic periods is still a dream for many women. Making any organization a period friendly workplace is the need of the hour that can only be achieved by breaking the myths around menstruation. In today’s times, access to sanitary napkins has helped girls and women worldwide study, work, and travel conveniently. But how much period benefits women at work receive in their workplaces remains an unanswered question. Everyone is aware of what menstruation is but very few men and women treat this topic as the need of the hour.

How To Help Menstruating Females?

  1. Providing free period products: It is one of the ways to help menstruating females. Sometimes one could get periods at unexpected places and times. If you are a working professional, your office could be one of those places where toilet rolls are available for free, so sanitary pads should be provided in a separate bin to dispose of used hygienic napkins. Just like how first aid is available at every workplace, painkillers should also be available to lower the period cramps.
  2. Period leave: The colleagues at your office can also contribute to managing the stress of your painful days. Work can be stressful, and believe it or not, but periods add more pressure. Dealing with bleeding and pain sometimes it’s too much. Therefore, leave during periods should be considered normal as annual or sick leave.
  3. Menstruation beliefs: Some women employee’s may be afraid to participate in activities such as offline meetings, group presentations, office get together or social events etc. These activities, taken together, might perpetuate the notion that women and females have fewer claims to public areas and are less able to engage in civic life.


The mood swings, the pain and cramps, the bleeding just because women don’t openly show their pain, cramps, uneasiness, it doesn’t mean that our bodies are built to take all of that pain, mood swings and whatnot. Young girls and women bleed for seven days straight. This way, not only women will be able to feel how we think freely, but it will give the men also a glimpse of how periods are something which shouldn’t be taken for granted. Women should also realize that it is okay to take a break during menstruation.

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