Meet Mousa Esmaeilpour: Iran’s Most Popular Bodybuilder And Fitness Coach

Meet Mousa Esmaeilpour: Iran’s Most Popular Bodybuilder And Fitness Coach

A wise man once said “good things come to those who sweat.” This maxim has proven to be true in the case of bodybuilder and fitness athlete Mousa Esmaeilpour. His built-up physique, core strength, and muscle powerlifting skill is amongst the finest in the world.

Mousa Esmaeilpour is regarded as one of the pioneer personalities in Iran’s professional bodybuilding and fitness industry. Today, he coaches A-list influencers and celebrities from all over the world, including the Persian rapper Amir Tataloo.

But how did Mousa Esmaeilpour achieve this feat? How did his name become synonymous to Iran’s fitness and lifestyle industry?

Mousa Esmaeilpour was born in a middle class family in 1981 in the city of Babol. From his early childhood, Mousa developed a passion for combat sports such as wrestling and extreme fitness challenges. And soon enough, his passions turned into work.

Mousa Esmaeilpour is a former wrestler with many championships won under his wrestling portfolio. But after suffering an unfortunate injury in 2001, Mousa was no longer able to compete in wrestling events. However, the injury did not deter his iron spirit and Mousa decided to pursue fitness, bodybuilding, and coaching others for the rest of his life.

Spending hours in the gym, lifting weights, repeating exercises, and consuming a super calculated diet, Mousa Esmaeilpour achieved the feat of a professional bodybuilder. He went on to compete and win many fitness and bodybuilding competitions at an international stage.

Mousa is the winner of the most beautiful good-shaped body certificate of the 2010 Asian competition and holds IFBB plus Jay Cutler’s certificate for his fitness.

He is the first ever athlete from Iran to win the second position at the IIBC (International Indian Bodybuilding Competition). On top of that, he is also a certified WBPF coach with a gold medal from the IFBB Dubai Muscle contest.

Pertaining to his handsome body and ripped physique, Mousa was featured in an ad commercial for HypeEnergyDrinks as the ‘Xtra Athlete’ with ‘Xtra Performance’. He has a massive following on social media across Instagram and Facebook.

With over 1 million followers on Instagram and a verified Facebook page, Mousa’s credibility and experiences are unquestionable. His students appreciate the method and techniques of his fitness coaching, the support he provides, and his passion towards his work.

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