Home Fitness Loves Park family claims 3-year-old suffered abuse at local fitness gym

Loves Park family claims 3-year-old suffered abuse at local fitness gym

Loves Park family claims 3-year-old suffered abuse at local fitness gym


ROCKFORD, Ill. (WIFR) – A Stateline family files a complaint with police claiming their three-year-old son suffered verbal and emotional abuse at the Peak Sports Club daycare.

The Albayati family joined Peak Sports Club nine years ago, recently, their three-year-old Ameer joined them and spent the day at the kids club, a short-term daycare. But, the Albayati’s say never again.

“It’s heinous, it’s shameful, it’s disrespectful,” Albayati said.

Aladdin Albayati and his wife stood devastated as they watched a video of their son in daycare at Peak Sports Club. They claim the video which was sent to them shows three teenaged girls mocking their toddler Ameer as he cries for his mom and dad.

“We’ve noticed a lot of changes in our child’s behavior at home and every time we try and bring him over, he would act terrified, a lot of distrust, a lot of discomfort,” Albayati said.

Peak Sports Club released a statement Wednesday regarding the incident.

“Recently we learned of some completely unacceptable behavior by former staff of the kids club towards members enjoying our facilities. We take this very seriously and these team members are no longer with our organization.”

Albayati says in February, he and his wife also noticed bruises on their son’s body. The three-year-old allegedly told his parents someone at daycare hit him.

“My advice if you are a parent who’s kids in there, make sure, do not take your child in there unless the three girls have been removed,” Albayati said.

Albayati says he’s pressing charges because he doesn’t want this to happen to any other child.

“If you are a person that’s been abused in there, come out, speak up,” Albayati said.

23 News spoke with other families in the area who saw the video and say they’re frightened by the situation. One mother of three says while in the past she trusted the daycare facilities at Peak, now she’s not sure.

23 News also received reports that a claim was also filed with the Department of Children and Family Services regarding the situation.

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