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Jonathan Fogelberg And The Journey To Fitness Coaching Domination

Jonathan Fogelberg And The Journey To Fitness Coaching Domination


Only the most elite entrepreneurs have succeeded during the debilitating COVID-19 pandemic of 2020. Where company growth was stalled and industries were levelled overnight, individuals struggled to find a new direction among the unprecedented uncertainty.

If there was one objective desired by high-performing individuals, it was a return to lifestyle normality. @jonathanfogelberg, the CEO and founder of COACH JF, set out to quench that desire and develop his business in the process. Already an esteemed coach for athletes, Jonathan was able to tailor his approach to those looking to rebuild their personal fitness.

In fact, a competitive edge has been at Jonathan’s core for the duration of his life. Starting at the age of four, the future business leader engaged in ice hockey, soccer, and golf, gaining valuable experience in competitive sports. These early life activities had a social utility, too, as watching his parents work overtime to fund his development in ice hockey motivated Jonathan’s desire to build a business that could one day repay them. The tragic passing of his father in 2020 leaves the coach with a sole pledge to help his mother retire this summer at the age of 57.

Jonathan’s business has long been centered on helping athletes reach their body’s physical potential, one day intending to achieve the coveted IFBB Pro card in bodybuilding and fitness. Indeed, the ambitious entrepreneur has coached clients to over 270 top three placings since 2016 and six IFBB Pro cards since 2019. However, with the postponement of competitions in 2020, he has turned his attention to the broader global community, providing a comprehensive fitness solution to all in need of a reimagined lifestyle.

With the increasing prevalence of the industry, COACH JF has shifted its view to highlight the Earth-spanning potential of its accessible business model. With its leader now based in Dubai, Fogelberg looks to become the number one fitness solution for high performers worldwide.


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