Impact of Advanced Technologies on Athletes, Fandom and General Fitness

Impact of Advanced Technologies on Athletes, Fandom and General Fitness

Technology has connected people from coast to coast, playing a huge role in the world of sports 

If any advancements are taking place in our world today, there’s a high likelihood that technology is involved in some way. The field is responsible for innovations in a variety of important sectors, from health to education, finance, entertainment and much more. Sports are no different. In fact, it’s incredible to see the ways in which technology has made both athletes’ and fans’ lives better, as well as improved conditions for people that prioritize fitness and exercise in their lives. Here we take a deeper look at how these three things are pushed forwards thanks to technology.

Fandom: Heightened Levels of Engagement and Interaction

If you’re a sports fan, have you ever really taken a moment to think about how technology has impacted your fandom? Well, when you attend a live game in your team’s home stadium, nowadays it is likely you’re met with 5G connections. Additionally, sports apps keep fans connected around the clock with breaking news, updates, trading rumors and more. Not to mention live streaming services mean that fans have on-demand access to matchups when they are happening in real-time, and don’t have to be afraid of missing an important play or score. There’s also the growing popularity of online and mobile sports betting in markets around the world. For example, major American football fans don’t have to travel to an on-site bookmaker anymore to place a wager on their favorite team, player or game outcome. Instead, betting pundits present NFL odds online so that fans can review all the latest contenders and place wagers accordingly. Thanks to advanced technology, these fandom experiences can take place from the comfort of one’s home.

Athletes: Enhanced Performance Results and Coaching Styles 

Technology plays a huge role in sports training nowadays, as big leagues and professional organizations utilize different gadgets to track things like points made or even individual athletic movements. In turn, this enhances a player’s performance and also puts the power back in the coaches’ hand to facilitate a faster, more efficient means of learning and problem solving, whether out on the court, field, or rink. Additionally, technology helps athletes and sports management teams have a greater control over injury prevention. Because they utilize devices that monitor things like heart rate and motion, teams can almost anticipate certain results from their players. The NBA is one example of a league that uses technology with this aim. As they have a very long season, it’s crucial that everything is done to ensure athletes remain fit and healthy throughout. Although some injuries are completely unforeseen, tech devices can often mean the difference between a player being out all season, or simply missing a few games.

Nowadays, there are plenty of technologies that make working out more fun and convenient 

Fitness: More Convenient Training Methods 

Fitness is a crucial part of everyday life. In fact, experts recommend at least 150 minutes of activity each week to stay on track. Whether you choose to spread this time out or conquer it in a single session, it’s important to get moving. Technology also has become an integral component of exercising and working out. In the same way that professional athletes can take their training sessions to the next level with certain gadgets, so can you. For example, fitness tech consists of everything to wearables and mobile apps to virtual reality and ‘smart’ gym equipment. Additionally, advancements in fitness tech has allowed people to connect with their personal trainers and fitness leaders remotely. This is not only convenient, but opens the doors for a client to choose from a global selection of professionals to meet fit their needs. Even for those that do not enlist a trainer, they can still follow online workout classes, with many of them available free of charge in the virtual environment.

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