Group Fitness And Accountability

Group Fitness And Accountability

Group fitness is a great way to get in shape, socialize and make progress with friends. There’s also the important point of accountability. By forming up with a group with similar goals, you’re more likely to stay on track and meet your expectations! So whether you’re trying to lose weight, or looking to pack on muscle and tone up, group fitness shouldn’t be overlooked as an option!

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Accountability and Groups

So what’s the secret? It comes down to moving the motivation away from yourself and sharing it with others. It’s much more difficult to slack off when you have a group to back you up and keep you on track. It’s also hard to let someone else down if you’re their workout buddy and they look to you for help in return.

There’s also the competitive nature of joining a group. Whether you mean it or not, it’s in all of us to get a little competitive when the pressure is on, and group fitness promotes this by putting everyone on the same playing field. Next time you’re in a group class, or working out with a buddy, push yourself a little harder and see what they do. Chances are, they’ll jump at the opportunity and join in on the fun. Very few people like to get outworked, especially amongst friends.

Sharing In Success And Struggle

Groups are also great for sharing successes and the struggles of working out. Fitness is an ongoing process, and there’ll be off days or times where you feel the going gets tough. Think about the times you’ve had someone to help you through difficult times. The same idea translates well to group fitness. You all suffer together and are likely to relate to each other more readily. What’s great is you can also share in each other’s successes.

Should you take a few days off for no good reason, or slack off on your workouts, accountability starts with your group. While the tough-love thing might not work for everyone, the ability to be reminded of your goals, and how not showing up and working hard isn’t helping you, goes a long way in setting you up for success.

If you’re trying to make moves and improve your fitness for the better, joining others who are serious about their goals can only help you in the long run. Group fitness and accountability go hand in hand, so make the effort to get to a group class and make some friends while you’re at it! It doesn’t all have to be hard work.

Looking For Your Next Group Class?

We know it’s hard to find a good group to join. We have you covered. Whether you’re looking to cycle, work up a sweat in HIIT, or get your strength training on, there’s a group here at Franklin Athletic Club for everyone. And from friendly gym-goers to the coaches, we’re all about friendly competition and accountability.

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