Foxy Mama’s Pole Fitness & Lounge opens in Vicksburg

Foxy Mama’s Pole Fitness & Lounge opens in Vicksburg

Pole dancing classes are now available in Vicksburg at Foxy Mama’s Pole Fitness & Lounge, which celebrated its grand opening on Saturday.

Vicksburg native Meghan Hendrick is the owner of Foxy Mama’s Pole Fitness & Lounge.

“I started pole classes when I was pregnant with my daughter just to get in shape and that’s when I fell in love with it so I started dancing at a club,” Hendrick said.” It helped me find my confidence again so I want to give that to other women as well that maybe struggling with their body and getting back in shape.”

Located at 1200 Openwood Street, Foxy Mama’s will offer a variety of classes including pole goal classes, yoga, flexibility class, and an affirmations class which will consist of meditation and learning how to speak more positive about yourself.

“The thing about pole dancing is that it takes every muscle in your body to do it. So you’re definitely going to get into shape and it brings plenty of confidence” said Hendrick.

Foxy Mama’s Pole Fitness & Lounge will be open seven days a week. For more information visit their website.

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