Handsome hunk Krish Pathak, who is entertaining masses as the parallel lead in the new show Yeh Jhuki Jhuki Si Nazar on Star Plus, is extremely serious about his fitness routine. And whenever he has time on hand, he does not miss out on hitting the gym and working on his body. In a fun fitness segment, Krish revealed his workout routine, cheat food and more

What is your cheat food?

Butter chicken! In my defence, chicken = protein so it’s not really a cheat meal!

Favourite exercise?

Back workout (especially deadlift)

Fruits or juices?


Stairs or lift?


Yoga Or Weights


Walking or Jogging


Your take on health suppliments

The only thing I have learnt over time is that only take supplements when your body requires them. Do a blood test every six months and then decide to take supplements. Just how too less of something is bad the same way too much (or excess) of something will have an adverse effect on your body.

Best way to burn calories

The best way to burn calories other than working out is to play a sport. While you’re playing it make sure you sweat.

One tip for everyday fitness?

The mantra that I follow for fitness is that even if you have 30 minutes to work out, go and workout for 30 minutes with all your heart. Fitness is not an option it’s supposed to be a lifestyle.

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