Fitness guru launches UK’s first performance workout for gamers

Fitness guru launches UK’s first performance workout for gamers


fitness coach has joined up with an e-sports organisation to help develop a workout for gamers.

Obi Vincent, who has close to a million followers on Instagram, developed the Gaming Intensity Fitness Training (GIFT) workout with Excel Esports.

The GIFT initiative was created to improve the performance of gamers.

The workouts, developed in partnership with superfast broadband provider EE, feature a range of routines including “The Finger Flexer”, “Gaming Grips” and “Back in the Game” designed to help gamers achieve their full potential.

The initiative comes as new research conducted by EE identified that Londoners are spending on average seven hours each week gaming, with 63 percent saying they experienced fatigue during their gaming sessions.

The average time that gamers continue to play without a break is three hours.

Despite these findings, Londoners rank physical fitness last in gaming performance essentials, behind gaming equipment, a reliable broadband connection and screen size, the research claimed.

The collaboration aims to show how simple it is to add these exercises into your routine and help gamers reach their full potential.

The 15-20 minutes exercise routine focuses on the most important areas of the body for gaming, including the fingers, neck, shoulders and back.

Excel Esports performance manager, Ewen Buffon said:“Physical fitness can actually make all the difference in a split second of a game, and this is something I work on with all my professional esports teams.

“As well as reducing the risk of injury and stress levels, it can help improve concentration levels, something that’s imperative for gamers.”

Mr Buffon also suggested tips to increase mental wellness and reduce stress during gaming, including taking regular breaks, practicing meditation and deep breathing, staying hydrated, increasing exposure to natural light, and getting rid of distractions.

To watch the EE Full Fibre G.I.F.T workout click here.

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