EoS Fitness Partners with Betr Health to Help Members Achieve Health Goals from the Inside Out

EoS Fitness Partners with Betr Health to Help Members Achieve Health Goals from the Inside Out

Signature High Value, Low Price® Gym Combines Exercise and Nutrition for New Comprehensive Wellness Offering

CARLSBAD, Calif., March 29, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Understanding that overall health comes from more than just exercise, EoS Fitness partnered with Betr Health to provide members a complete wellness solution that layers nutritional guidance, personalized coaching and 24/7 support on top of its existing industry-leading gyms, and personal training programming.

Through this partnership, EoS Fitness members can access the Betr Health mobile app and online community, providing 24/7 support with personalized nutrition assistance, on-demand chat, direct calls with a personal coach and motivational group calls. Betr Health pairs members actively working out with a personal trainer with a Betr Certified Coach to provide nutritional guidance and an additional dose of accountability and encouragement to help them reach their health and wellness goals. The platform also includes options for meal delivery to support EoS members’ on-the-go lifestyles.

“Physical exercise is important, but it’s just one piece of the whole puzzle when it comes to overall wellness,” said Rowdy Yates, vice president of fitness at EoS Fitness. “Partnering with Betr Health to bring nutrition guidance, coaching and support to our members gives EoS the most comprehensive wellness offering in the industry, at a price point that is inclusive to all, because EoS is a place for everyone.”

The Betr Health mobile app not only educates members on how to incorporate healthy choices into their everyday lives, but also creates an online community for them to share their successes and support others who are going through the same nutrition ups and downs. Through a dynamic platform of certified health coaches, registered dieticians and nutritionists, the program has proven to restore digestive health, reverse chronic disease, and lower healthcare costs for individuals. Members are supported by the Betr Health community, guided by their dedicated coach and empowered every step of the way by their EoS personal trainer.

“A happy, healthy life is a right, not a privilege,” said Dr. William Ferro, founder and CEO of Betr Health. “Betr Health’s partnership with EoS introduces healthy nutrition as lifestyle medicine to gymgoers who have already taken steps to add exercise to their wellness routines and are ready to take their overall wellness to the next level by adding a focus on nutrition.”

Betr Health is based on a three-level food protocol designed to restore gut health and support overall wellness. This three-level method has proven to reverse chronic conditions and help members lose weight and keep it off. The first level focuses on healing and restoring your gut, delivering results in as little as three days. Level two allows individuals to create a food print for life by uncovering food triggers while optimizing for sustainable habits and a supercharged metabolism. The third and final level reinforces healthy eating choices to fuel the body and maintain gut health. By healing and restoring the gut, the Betr Health Method produces multiple benefits including weight loss. It is also proven to be effective in the treatment and reversal of diabetes and has shown positive improvements in users’ mental health.

For more information or to join, visit: EoSFitness.com.

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EoS Fitness, a leader in the fitness industry with its high value low price (HVLP)® gyms, is an inclusive and welcoming organization committed to empowering exercise practitioners of all experience levels. With more than 100 locations open or on the way in Arizona, Florida, Nevada, Southern California, Texas and Utah, EoS Fitness is rapidly expanding. Providing serious fitness options, EoS Fitness offers the best equipment, high-energy workout classes, extensive personal training options, and at-home workouts starting at just $9.99 per month. EoS Fitness’ more than 600 trainers have the knowledge and technical expertise to help members find their personal passion for wellness, develop daily fitness habits and achieve their goals. Visit Eosfitness.com to learn more.  

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