Doubling up: Couple opening 2 businesses side by side in Midland

Doubling up: Couple opening 2 businesses side by side in Midland

Wife and husband Ali and Scott Huntoon are setting up a human resources business and a fitness studio side by side in Midland. 

They hope to open both businesses next month at 420 Waldo Avenue, suites 1 and 2, at the southeast corner of Waldo and Bay City Road.

Allied Human Resource Services is an HR consulting firm specializing in recruitment for small and developing businesses. 

“I grew up with the chaos of small business and kind of seeing it firsthand how small business owners really have to handle everything from A to Z, and it can be hard without support,” Ali Huntoon said. 

She said the main focus on recruitment is a byproduct of the current state of the job market, but noted that her company also helps with payroll engagement, compensation and much more. 

“It’s so fun when you find the perfect fit,” Huntoon said. “You get the satisfaction from the business owner being excited that they finally have a role filled, but you also get the satisfaction from the candidate you’re trying to help and place them in a job that’s going to fulfill them and make their lives happy to come to their job every day.”

Huntoon was employed in corporate HR for 10 years at Dow, Chemical Bank, and Alma College, her alma mater. 

She decided to open her own business after wanting more flexibility and a sense of ownership, and receiving encouragement from her husband to open something of her own. 

The consulting firm originally started in April of 2020 and has operated online only since then. 

Allied Group Fitness, meanwhile, is a fitness studio specializing in exercise classes for all fitness levels.

“My fitness studio is really a place to come and completely check out, and I think everyone has different goals when they come into a fitness studio,” Huntoon said. “Some of their goals are to gain strength, some are to find some peace and quiet for 45 minutes, and sometimes it’s just to get away from work and kids and responsibilities. So I’m going to be offering classes that fit every need.” 

Huntoon employs nine instructors who are able to teach a variety of exercise routines, including kickboxing, Zumba, strength training, yoga, and cardio training. 

“I’m looking for people that have the same values that I do and have the same thought process around kind of what the gym is, and not focusing so much on the diet culture aspect of things, like we have to burn calories and we have to look a certain way,” Huntoon said. “So I’m really kind of focusing on pulling in instructors that are following my mission and my vision.”

The business began virtually in January of 2021 and offered classes via its website. The location will be opening directly next door to Huntoon’s HR firm. 

Huntoon said she hopes to open both businesses’ physical locations next month, but online options will continue for both businesses. 

The best way to connect with Huntoon’s businesses is by going to their websites. Allied Human Resources can be reached at, and Allied Group Fitness can be reached at 

Huntoon said the name “Allied” for both businesses is a play on her own name.

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