CW Big Fitness Project: Introducing the Class of ’22

CW Big Fitness Project: Introducing the Class of ’22

Julia Barte: The natural born sportstar

Growing up in Sweden, I was a sporty kid right from the start, playing football from four years of age. I’m not sure why, as no one else in my family was especially sporty, but I just loved trying it all: horse-riding, snowboarding, kite-surfing, Taekwondo, everything! Football was the one that stuck, and I went to a football high school and have always played at a relatively high level.

I work for a big tech company, and in early 2020 I accepted a transfer to London and moved from Sweden two weeks before the first lockdown. It was weird being stuck at home for the first three months. My partner [Del Ward], who’s from Yorkshire, is a very keen cyclist, and he encouraged me to buy a bike, partly as something to do while football was on hold. I was a complete beginner – I couldn’t believe my new bike didn’t come with pedals!

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