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Campus fitness group offers group workouts to the community

Campus fitness group offers group workouts to the community


Working out might seem like too much of a hassle for many college students. But F45 wants to make it fun.

F45 is an organization located in the Heskett Center that provides workout classes for faculty, staff, students and anyone with a Heskett Center membership. 

Director Andy Sykes said that F45 is the fastest growing fitness franchise in the world. It was started in Australia and Wichita State was the second school to bring it on its campus.

“It was a huge deal, we went to SGA to get funding for it and everything,” Sykes said. “It was a big, big deal.”

Pre-COVID, each class maxed out at 27. They now go up to 18. Daily attendance throughout their multiple classes reaches roughly 50.

Instructor Tristram Nguyen said that people have the option of getting classes tailored to their own needs.

“I know a lot of people are apprehensive about joining the classes because they either have zero activity experience or very little,” Nguyen said. “We can always regress it if they need — make it easier.”

The organization offers 21 classes every week and 10 classes per week during summer.

Student instructor Ivan Castillo said that the difference between YMCA classes and the F45 organization is community.

“F45 is just so unique,” Castillo said. “That the philosophy of it is community based… I’ve gotten to meet faculty members that I don’t think I would have ever met or interacted with if I wouldn’t have gone to F45. 

“I have made friends that are completely out of my major, even better like grad students so it’s a really great opportunity to meet the campus community.”

Castillo joined the organization in fall of last year.

“After a semester, I really enjoyed it and actually applied to be an instructor,” Castillo said. “Ever since then I’ve been kind of involved both as an attendee, but also as an instructor.”

Students can sign up through the campus recreation app. Sykes said that community members outside of Wichita State can attend their first class free. 

A Heskett membership is $40 a semester for non-WSU students.


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