A new fitness app by UFC Champion is now available in the Middle East

A new fitness app by UFC Champion is now available in the Middle East

NICOSIA, Cyprus, March 23, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Fitness and health applications are one of the most rapidly growing tech industries with a market size of $3.5B and up to 20%+ YoY capacity. Recent years have dramatically changed the culture of fitness training enabling people to choose individual workouts rather than training solely in the gym. Convenience, practical benefits, and accessibility bring more people to apply fitness apps to their lifestyle.

OctaZone fitness app combines professional expertise, bright design, and highly motivational training sessions with Undefeated UFC Champion Khabib Nurmagomedov. This year OctaZone released an update by adding more languages including Arabic, as the global popularity of the app continues to grow.

Based in the Netherlands, the company announced the first edition of the app in 2020. OctaZone rapidly got to the high position in the US and Canadian App Store and gained broad support from customers. So far it has 317k installs on IOS and Android and 5k paying users. The revenue for 2021 has reached $250K which exceeded numbers for the first year by ten times. Planning on expanding, the company targets to archive $1M in 2022, predicting the capitalization in five years to be $360M with $45M of the annual revenue.

Currently, the company is enrolled in Zayed Middle East Accelerator raising an investment round of $3.5M. The Accelerator is organized by Abu Dhabi State Development Agency in partnership with major UAE innovation and investment offices. Previously, OctaZone participated in the Google Lab Growth program working specifically on implementing new marketing strategies. 

In the future, OctaZone plans to integrate more accessible and interactive features such as building an OctaZone community, adapting new devices (including AR/VR), introducing competitions, and heightening users’ motivation with external incentives like Tokens and NFT. Apart from that, the app will be working towards partnerships with gyms, sports shops, and marketplaces to engage more with users offline and promote its merchandising.

The defined feature of OctaZone is the variety and complexity of the exercises, that are based on individual parameters, personal goals and convenient way of training. The sessions are designed to be quick and effective with a focus on bodyweight exercises, making it possible to perform them without training equipment. OctaZone App works on subscription and offers a workout plan that is unique for each level of training.

The main goal of OctaZone is to inspire users for motivation and attitude towards physical activity. A strong shape and healthy lifestyle can be reached with support and guidance from a former mixed martial artist and UFC Champion Khabib Nurmagomedov, who took part in the development of the training sessions. Nurmagomedov’s immense experience and unique workout secrets make OctaZone stand out from the other training routines and offer a great way for self-improvement.


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