5 Apps That Gamify Your Fitness Routine

5 Apps That Gamify Your Fitness Routine

Do you ever wish working on your fitness goals felt more like leveling up in a video game? Fortunately, smartphones allow you to do that already, as various developers have pushed out fitness apps that make workouts more fun.

So, bring some fun and imagination into your daily workouts with these apps that gamify your fitness routine.

1. PlayFitt

The PlayFitt app detects phone movement during daily fitness games so that you can earn coins for power-ups. It’s a novel approach to training designed to make working out feel more like fun.

Daily and weekly goals ensure you know exactly what to do each day. For instance, the initial daily goals include eight push-ups, ten squats, 2,278 steps, two stairs, and seven active breaks. Active breaks count any movement you make after a period of sitting still.

The app works by detecting movement from your phone, which is probably its most fun aspect.

Take the squats portion, for instance. First, select the squats icon, then flip through a few screens explaining the correct way to do a basic squat. Next, slip your phone in a back pocket or waistband and get going.

The app counts your reps out loud and lets you know when it’s time for a break. Once you hit the day’s goal, the home screen displays a fun “You Did It!” message under the squats screen.

By making the workouts quick and easy, the app encourages you to do small bits of exercise throughout the day, whether you’re at home or out and about.


There’s a social aspect to the app as well. You can access a leaderboard screen and move up the leagues from trainee to novice to elite. In addition, you can add friends to the app and create your own leaderboard for greater accountability and connectivity.

Throughout the game, you earn Fitt Coins for completing workouts. Exchange Fitt Coins for prizes such as a Starbucks gift card, an Amazon gift card, or the option to plant a tree.

Achieving your daily goals will rack up those coins more quickly.

The app is free to download and use; however, purchasing a premium version will help you earn coins faster.

Download: PlayFitt for iOS (Free, in-app purchases available)

2. Hops – Journey of Tree Spirit

The Hops app tracks daily exercise and converts it to energy used by cute little tree spirits. Keep up your real-life activity level to help your Hop character explore new areas.

Your Hop, a tree spirit, wanders the forest looking for building materials such as wood, stone, and rare rubies. New crafting materials appear in the game every time you take about 500 steps.

Keep track of your Hop’s supply of materials on the Hop screen. You can also personalize the character and change its head color, clothes, arms, and accessories by trading in materials.

A map screen helps your Hop gain its bearings. After exploring every area of the map, you’ll find a treasure chest in the last spot.

To explore the map, your Hop needs a certain amount of energy. To obtain one energy, meet your daily goals in the real world.

The app pulls from your Health data automatically, although you can also use the app to track your walks. To record a walk, navigate to the Steps icon, click on the Workouts tab, and tap on the Walk button at the upper right-hand corner of the app. Hit the start button and get moving.

Overall, the Hops app is an appealing and playful upgrade to a basic activity tracker.

Download: Hops – Journey of Tree Spirit for iOS (Free, in-app purchases available)

3. Treeceps

Treat working out like leveling up yourself in real life with the Treeceps app. Grow and develop a whole virtual world by completing workouts, many of which focus on strength and resistance training.

Every activity has a specific purpose in the app. For instance, your daily steps convert to grass in the game, which the Runimals consume. Runimals, the polygonal creatures roaming around your virtual world, can comment on your activities and offer advice.

A Garden of Gains rewards you for time spent in the app, completed workouts, and meeting step goals. The plants have punny, playful names like Lily of the Walky and Cardiose.

The app also provides lessons to learn about safe and effective strength training. You can do workouts on your own or follow the app’s plan.

You can preview the app and learn about it with the free version, but any meaningful use will require a paid subscription.

Download: Treeceps for iOS (Subscription available)

4. Nerd Fitness Journey

Create a superhero persona and earn rewards for working out with the Nerd Fitness Journey app. It’s an imaginative, inventive approach to fitness that brings playfulness to every movement.

Starting the app includes a walkthrough of the Nerd Fitness philosophy, where you earn experience (XP) points for completing different fitness objectives. Franchises such as The Hunger Games get referenced in the intro, so it’s especially welcoming to anyone who loves geeky stuff (as the name implies).

Once initiated, you get to customize your character with loot from Hero Crates. Everything from sash belts to a giant hammer are among the accessories you can choose. Later on, you earn a new Hero Crate every time you level up in the app.

There’s also an in-depth explainer about fitness basics under the Heroic Movement section, outlining everything from general cardio exercise to strength training.

In addition, the Nerd Fitness Journey app encourages you to engage in more non-exercise activity thermogenesis (NEAT). Doing more NEAT activities, such as taking the stairs or simply pacing around, is one way to increase physical activity at work or home.

Instead of a to-do list or a weekly workout schedule, your fitness goals appear as a Journey. Selected workouts appear under this tab in a clear, easy-to-read format.

For instance, the 10 Minutes of Movement adventure asks you to do any physical activity for 10 minutes each day.

This activity could range from playing VR games to simply walking, and any movement counts. You’re invited to prioritize any type of movement you merely enjoy for the challenge, then have some sweet loot as a reward.

Lastly, the app includes a lengthy library of workouts. Strength routines, bodyweight workouts, and other fun exercises are all covered.

The app offers a free 7-day trial, but you’ll need a subscription if you wish to continue using it.

Download: Nerd Fitness Journey for iOS | Android (Free, in-app purchases available)

5. Fitness RPG

Take more steps to level up your characters in the retro-cool fitness RPG app.

Engrossing storylines encourage you to get more involved in the app. You aren’t simply taking more steps each day—you are helping the team of heroes level up to save Fitland from the Dark Force.

This isn’t just an elaborate step counter because the RPG section of the game is pretty well-developed. Characters have conversations with one another, compete in battle, earn special equipment, and team up to defeat enemies. There’s a main story and plenty of side quests to keep the game interesting.

But because the heroes need your steps in order to compete, going for walks in real life is crucial to the gameplay. It’s easy to wander for a few more blocks when an epic battle is on the line. It’s a great addition to the fun pedometer apps available now.

Download: Fitness RPG for iOS | Android (Free, in-app purchases available)

Level Up Your Workouts With Game-Based Fitness Apps

Banish workout boredom with these creative and inspiring workout apps. By turning your movements into XP, coins, or some other loot, these gamified fitness apps encourage your instinct to win in the best way.

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