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What would the world be if we started making small positive changes in our day to day lives?

Our vision is for everyone to start seeing the ordinary in an extraordinary way. We want to work together to create a different way of seeing things for ourselves, or families, and our community.

We are hopeful together we will get to a point in time where there is more positive content available at our finger tips than there is negative.

As we grow we want to create a series of spaces where people can come together and share their stories.  We encourage you to share your perspective, because you never know who you could inspire with your story. We want to inspire & motivate you to share and create ExtraOrdinary moments with those around you.

Remember ExtraOrdinary is anything ordinary that you can do in an extra positive way. When we as the collective start creating more positive moments/experiences for ourselves, our family, and our community…there is nothing we can’t overcome together.

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As you can see we are in the business of spreading positive & mindfulness content. If you feel like your product/business aligns with our vision/mission to spread positive content, become a Sponsor and lets work together to make an ExtraOrdinary difference.

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